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Balloon Sticks, Stands and Ribbons

Balloon bouquet frame for 13 balloons, 130 cm
Price 18,90 PLN
New Product
Balloon bouquet frame for 13 balloons, 75 cm
Price 59,00 PLN
Balloon bouquet frame for 19 balloons, 162 cm
Price 33,90 PLN
New Product
Balloon bouquet frame for 6 balloons, 75 cm
Price 35,59 PLN
Balloon box set, 35 cm with printed letters LOVE / 4 pcs.
Price 49,95 PLN
Balloon box set, 35 cm, with printed letters 100 lat / 4 pcs.
Price 49,95 PLN
Balloon box set, 35 cm, with printed letters BOY / 3 pcs.
Price 49,95 PLN
Balloon Column rack, 165 cm
Price 14,90 PLN
Balloon decoration rack (11 balloons)
Price 32,95 PLN
Balloon decoration rack (13 balloons)
Price 12,90 PLN
Balloon decoration rack, 6+1
Price 26,00 PLN
Balloon garland ribbon 5 m
Price 1,90 PLN
Balloon paper cups & sticks, 10 pcs
Price 5,90 PLN
Balloon paper cups & sticks, 100 pcs
Price 31,35 PLN
Balloon Sizer (flat)
Price 159,00 PLN
Balloon whistle / 100 pieces
Price 9,95 PLN
Box for balloons - 1 pc. (Transparent) 30x30x30 cm
Price 29,95 PLN
Decoration frame on a rack, Heart shape, 78x162 cm
Price 52,00 PLN
Decoration frame, Circle shape, 78 cm
Price 9,95 PLN
Double sided adhesive foam dots on tape / 100 dots
Price 6,95 PLN
Garland wall hangers, 2 pcs
Price 8,95 PLN
Glue Strips 16x16mm / 160 pcs
Price 42,00 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Bottle
Price 103,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Crown XL
Price 151,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Digit 0
Price 103,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Digit 4
Price 103,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Digit 5
Price 103,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Digit 6
Price 103,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Digit 7
Price 103,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Digit 8
Price 103,90 PLN
Mosaic balloon template - Digit 9
Price 103,90 PLN
Ribbon cutter, 1 pc.
Price 12,95 PLN
Self-adhesive balloon hangers, 100 pcs
Price 21,90 PLN

Sticks, Plugs, and Stands for Balloons

Practical balloon accessories allow for easy inflation and storage, as well as convenient handling and air retention. Sticks for balloons, plugs, and other accessories are must-have items for any balloon vendor, mass event organizer, or anyone planning a children's party or special occasion.

Plugs and Sticks for Balloons

White sticks with plugs for balloons are proven accessories that secure latex or air-filled balloons. Made of plastic and available with baskets, these sticks enable comfortable mounting and olding of balloons. Available in bulk quantities, they facilitate the attachment of multiple balloons.

Plastic sticks with plugs are particularly useful when selling balloons or organizing a children's birthday party. In these cases, each child will be delighted to receive a balloon on a stick. A balloon secured in this way can be taken home as a keepsake.

Ribbons for Balloons, Garland Tapes

In addition to transparent, plastic sticks, ribbons for balloons and garland tapes are also essential. They make tying, attaching, and storing rubber or foil balloons convenient. A balloon tied with a ribbon becomes a wonderful decoration during parties. Available in pastel colors, ribbons offer a good alternative to sticks with plugs.

Igniters, Clamps for Balloons, Stands

For exploding balloons, igniters are a necessary addition, available in various colors and requiring batteries.
Instead of tying and knotting balloons, consider using special clamps for balloons. These plastic clamps enable the mounting of a larger number of balloons as decorations.
Balloons on sticks or tied with ribbons will look attractive when displayed on a special stand.

Accessories for Creating Balloon Decorations

Event organizers, professional balloon sellers, wedding decorators, or ordinary balloon enthusiasts should equip themselves with specialized balloon accessories. Depending on whether you wish to inflate your balloons with air or helium, take note of pumps, helium tanks, and professional blowers. Useful additions also include stands for balloons, special balloon-sealing gels, sticks, and many other balloon accessories that may prove to be handy.

Accessories Not Just for Inflating Balloons

Also significant are weights, also referred to as balloon weights. These secure helium-filled balloons to prevent them from floating away. Colorful, decorative ribbons or tapes are used to attach them to the weights.
Accessories are most commonly used during mass balloon sales or by professionals organizing events, although anyone can purchase such items for personal use.
Inflating balloons manually can be tiring—especially for those long, modeling balloons. Therefore, consider investing in a device that will accomplish this task more quickly and efficiently.

Your Next Step

Why wait? Equip yourself with these practical and decorative balloon accessories to take your event or business to the next level. Shop now to discover the wide variety of options available!

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