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Odd Shaped Balloons

Balloon AS1, Small Earthworm, 100 pieces
Price 18,65 PLN
Balloon GPBS1 4 smiles / 50 pcs
Price 62,45 PLN
Balloon GPF020 -"MOUSE", 50 pieces
Price 54,65 PLN
Balloon GPF15, "DUCK", 50 pieces
Price 67,55 PLN
Balloon GPF25, "ELEPHANT", 50 pieces
Price 67,55 PLN
Balloon GPF35, "BUNNY", 50 pieces
Price 67,55 PLN
Balloon GPF65, "EARTHWORM WITH HORNS" 50 pieces
Price 67,55 PLN
Price 54,65 PLN
Balloon Premium 5 Hearts, red and white / 5 pcs.
Price 4,75 PLN
Balloon Premium dots, ball shape, 3 pcs.
Price 8,95 PLN
Balloon Premium, Earthworm with horns, 75 cm, 3 pieces
Price 6,73 PLN
Balloon Premium, Earthworm, long, 95 cm, 3 pieces
Price 6,08 PLN
Balloons GPF95 - "Earthworm with horns" / 50 pcs
Price 89,90 PLN
Balloons Premium Earthworms, 70 cm / 5 pcs
Price 6,79 PLN
Balloons Premium, ball shape with rubber band, 3 pieces
Price 5,62 PLN
Balloons Premium, Elephants, 90 cm, 3 pieces
Price 6,73 PLN
Balloons Premium, Figures, 3 pieces
Price 6,73 PLN
Balloons Premium, Mice, 65 cm, 3 pieces
Price 5,95 PLN
Balloons, shapes GPF, mix balloons / 25 pcs
Price 34,45 PLN
CR17 pastel balloon "Large heart" - white 01 / 50 pcs
Price 64,25 PLN
CRB12 balloons Shiny 12", gold / 25 pcs.
Price 35,06 PLN
CRB12 balloons Shiny 12", pink / 25 pcs.
Price 31,95 PLN
CRB12 balloons Shiny, silver / 25 pcs.
Price 31,95 PLN
Pastel balloon CR17 Big Heart, red, 50 pcs
Price 64,25 PLN
Premium Balloons "Balloon Hearts", 3 pcs
Price 5,15 PLN
Premium balloons "Love", hearts / 5 pcs
Price 5,95 PLN
Premium balloons Smiling hearts, 5 pcs
Price 5,95 PLN
QL Balloon Heart 6 ", pastel pink j / 100 pcs
Price 55,11 PLN
QL Balloon Heart 6 ", pastel white / 100 pcs
Price 55,50 PLN
Set Valentine, 3 pcs
Price 3,90 PLN

Explore a wide range of uniquely shaped rubber balloons perfect for special occasions or just to add a touch of fun and creativity to your day. From animal shapes to abstract forms, our selection of atypical balloons offers something original and captivating for everyone, making your celebrations extra special.

Unconventional Balloon Shapes for Extraordinary Moments

Rubber balloons aren't confined to the typical teardrop shape you might be used to. Manufacturers have expanded their offerings to include balloons in distinctly unique shapes and forms. These balloons are equally intriguing and often feature amusing animals or characters that never fail to surprise and delight.

Among these unconventional shapes, you can find rabbits, mice, and other animals—perfect for children's play or decorating preschool rooms and children's corners. But it's not all about the kids; there are also balloons in more neutral shapes like long cylinders or ribbed forms resembling earthworms. These balloons can complement balloon compositions for a more artistic or sophisticated setting.
A wide array of fascinating balloons with unusual shapes ensures that those looking for something a bit different have the opportunity to find the perfect balloons for any special occasion.

Why Choose Our Uniquely Shaped Balloons?

Whether you're planning a child's birthday party, an adult celebration, or simply wish to spruce up your living space, our range of uniquely shaped balloons offers something for everyone. Unleash your creativity with these versatile balloons and make your events memorable and fun.

Discover the ideal balloon for your next special occasion and let your celebrations soar to new heights.

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