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6th Birthday Party Supplies

"12 Smilies Ball" Set
Price 21,95 PLN
"Star" Pinata, metallic, size 45x44x9 cm
Price 45,00 PLN
"Unicorn" Pinata, size 39x13x55 cm
Price 52,90 PLN
B&C Balloon Bouquet, Sto Lat, silver and blue 7 pcs.
Price 9,95 PLN
B&C foil balloon Standing digit 6, gold, 38 cm
Price 4,90 PLN
B&C foil balloon Standing digit 6, rainbow, 38 cm
Price 4,90 PLN
B&C foil balloon Standing digit 6, silver, 38 cm
Price 3,00 PLN
B&C pick candle digit 6, glitter black, 11x3.5 cm
Price 4,50 PLN
B&C standing foil balloon Digit 6, silver, 74 cm
Price 12,90 PLN
Balloon bouquet B&C, assorted colours, 7 pcs
Price 9,95 PLN
Balloon bouquet frame for 13 balloons, 130 cm
Price 18,90 PLN
Balloon bouquet frame for 19 balloons, 162 cm
Price 33,90 PLN
Balloon Column rack, 165 cm
Price 14,90 PLN
Balloon decoration rack, 6+1
Price 26,00 PLN
Balloon foil Number 6, silver, 85 cm
Price 8,00 PLN
Balloon garland ribbon 5 m
Price 1,90 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
Balloon Helium Tank 9 inches, 20 Balloons
Price 109,15 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
Balloon Helium Tank 9 inches, 30 Balloons
Price 119,00 PLN
Balloon with digit 2, 12" / 5 pcs.
Price 4,90 PLN
Balloon with digit 6, 12" / 5 pcs.
Price 4,90 PLN
Balloons Sto Lat (platinum), 12" / 5 pcs
Price 7,90 PLN
Balloons Sto lat, 13", 5 pcs
Price 6,95 PLN
Balloons with overprint 6, assorted, 13" / 5 pcs.
Price 7,95 PLN
Birthday Boy in Space sash, size 10 x 150 cm
Price 8,90 PLN
Birthday Boy sash, sky-blue, size 10 x 150 cm
Price 8,90 PLN
Birthday candle digit 6, metallic gold, 8.0 cm
Price 5,90 PLN
Birthday candle digit 6, metallic rosegold, 8.0 cm
Price 5,90 PLN
Birthday candle digit 6, metallic silver, 8.0 cm
Price 5,90 PLN
Cake topper Happy Birthday, colourful flags
Price 9,90 PLN
Cake topper Sto Lat, colourful
Price 9,90 PLN
Cake topper Sweet Cookies
Price 10,90 PLN
Candle digit 6, Night Sky, metallic, 8 cm
Price 4,90 PLN
Candle digit 6, ombre, pearly white-green, 7 cm
Price 3,90 PLN
Candle digit 6, ombre, pearly white-pink, 7 cm
Price 3,90 PLN
Candle digit 6, pastel ombre, 8 cm
Price 4,50 PLN
Candle digit 6, pearly light blue, 7 cm
Price 3,90 PLN
Candle digit 6, pearly white, 7 cm
Price 3,90 PLN
Candle number 6, Galaxy, 8,0 cm
Price 5,90 PLN
Candle number with dots 6, 7.5 cm
Price 2,95 PLN
Castle Pinata, size 25x17x42 cm
Price 47,00 PLN
Confetti Cannon "Colourful Butterfly" / 60 cm
Price 9,90 PLN
Confetti Cannon Mix / 30 cm
Price 7,00 PLN

Accessories, Decorations, and Gifts for a 6th Birthday

Turning six is a pivotal moment for any child, often signifying the transition from preschool to elementary school. It's a special day that deserves a memorable celebration. Whether you're searching for inspiration or already have a vision in mind, our wide range of 6th birthday decorations and accessories will make sure your child and their guests have an unforgettable experience.

Birthday Parties for Children

A child's birthday is not just a significant event for them, but for the whole family as well. If your child has preschool or school friends, it's essential to consider them when making the guest list. Are you eager to plan an unforgettable party but don't know where to start? Look no further! We have all the birthday gadgets you'll need to throw a successful children's party.

Birthday Balloons

No children's party is complete without birthday balloons! They are the perfect way to add a splash of color to your home and create a joyful atmosphere for both young and old. In our online store, you'll find a fantastic selection of balloons suitable for a 6th birthday, such as:

  • Number-shaped "6" balloons
  • Round balloons with colorful prints and the number "6"
  • Stick balloons
  • Self-inflating balloons

Birthday Candles

The pinnacle of any birthday party is the blowing out of the candles, so make sure to top the cake with the most beautiful decorative candles. Is your little one a fan of cartoons? Choose from candles featuring Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, or Lightning McQueen from "Cars". You can also opt for a classic approach and decorate the cake with a number "6" shaped candle.

Birthday Pinata

Concerned that the little guests will have too much energy to burn? Buy a birthday pinata to channel that energy into fun, interactive play! Plus, a paper pinata makes for an original and engaging decoration for any child's birthday.

Preparing for the perfect birthday celebration can be a challenge, but with the right organization, it can also be a joyous process!

Get started now—make your child's 6th birthday celebration one for the books!

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