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Bachelorette Party

"Gold Stars" glasses
Price 9,02 PLN
"Halo" headpiece, white
Price 7,00 PLN
"Silver stars" glasses
Price 9,02 PLN
Acrylic cake topper Bride to be, gold, 15x16 cm
Price 6,90 PLN
Acrylic cake topper Diamond Heart, gold, 16x10 cm
Price 5,00 PLN
Acrylic cake topper Love, gold, 13x10 cm
Price 4,90 PLN
New Product
Angel wings folded pink (50 x 50 cm)
Price 38,92 PLN
Angel wings, brocade
Price 15,00 PLN
B&C candles, metallic rose gold, 13.5x0.4 cm, 6 pcs
Price 4,90 PLN
Balloon B105 glossy Rose Gold / 50 pcs.
Price 59,90 PLN
Balloon foil weight, light pink, 145 g / 1 pc
Price 4,50 PLN
Balloon G90 pastel 10", dark pink, 100 pieces
Price 22,55 PLN
Balloon G90 pastel 10, pink, 100 pieces
Price 24,55 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
Balloon Helium Tank 9 inches, 20 Balloons
Price 109,15 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
Balloon Helium Tank 9 inches, 30 Balloons
Price 132,90 PLN
Balloon QL 11 ", pastel light pink / 100 pcs
Price 84,90 PLN
Balloon QL 11 ", pastel pink / 100 pcs
Price 94,00 PLN
Balloon QL 11", metallic gold / 100 pcs
Price 108,90 PLN
Balloons Beauty&Charm, platinum gold 12" / 50 pcs.
Price 56,90 PLN
Beauty&Charm Balloons, pink metallic 12" / 50 pcs.
Price 19,95 PLN
Beauty&Charm balloons, pink pastels 12" / 50 pcs.
Price 18,95 PLN
Beauty&Charm balloons, platinum gold 12" / 7 pcs.
Price 8,95 PLN
Beauty&Charm, platinum rose gold / 7 pcs.
Price 8,95 PLN
Boa black 180cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Boa pink, 180 cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Boa red 180 cm, 50 grams
Price 38,92 PLN
Boa white 180 cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Bob Wig, black, one size
Price 34,52 PLN
Bride to be cake topper, rose gold
Price 6,90 PLN
Bride to Be paper garland, glitter pink, 300 cm
Price 9,90 PLN
Bride to be veil, 72 cm
Price 24,90 PLN
Cabaret wig, platinum blond
Price 38,92 PLN
Cabaret Wig, turquoise
Price 38,92 PLN
Cake wrappers Celebrate, 6 pcs
Price 7,50 PLN
Cap Bling Bling Hot Pink
Price 38,92 PLN
New Product
Cap 'Bride', white
Price 21,45 PLN
New Product
Cap Dollar neon pink (adjustable)
Price 46,15 PLN
New Product
Cap Pink Sparkle
Price 131,95 PLN
New Product
Cap Sandy candy (reversible black /aqua)
Price 52,75 PLN
New Product
Cap Sandy candy ,pearl/white
Price 52,75 PLN
New Product
Cap Sandy candy, pearl/pink
Price 52,75 PLN
New Product
Cap Sandy candy, pearl/yellow
Price 52,75 PLN
New Product
Cap 'Team Bride', pink
Price 21,45 PLN

Your bachelorette party should be a night to remember, and this guide ensures you have all the essentials covered. From imaginative decorations and creative costumes to fun accessories and engaging games, we've got everything you need to make your bachelorette party a night you won't forget.

Ideas and Decorations for Bachelorette Parties

Ladies, the key to an unforgettable bachelorette party lies in the decorations. The night is all about letting loose with your closest friends, so make sure your setting is equally vibrant. We recommend tassel garlands—plenty of them. They set the perfect tone for the occasion. Don't forget paper cups and plates, especially if you're hitting the road for your bash. They're light, unbreakable, and easy to pack. And since we're talking bachelorette parties, you can't miss out on plastic champagne flutes. To top it off, how about a champagne-shaped balloon? Finish the setup with a bell that rings, "It's prosecco time!" Ding, ding!

Costumes for Bachelorette Parties

What's a bachelorette party without some costumes? Go wild! The bride-to-be deserves a golden princess tiara, while the rest of the squad should opt for funky hats. Want to spice it up a bit? Consider donning a latex corset. Late-night calls for Venetian lace masks, perfect for sharing secrets and hidden desires. Ever wondered what's on a nun's head? It's a cornette! A nun's costume could be your ticket to absolve small 'sins' for the night.

Accessories for Bachelorette Parties

Even if the party takes place in a club, interesting costumes can elevate the night. Specifically, the soon-to-be-married lady should be presented with a playful, sexy costume—be it a wild nurse, a cop, or an exotic dancer. Other popular accessories include bridal veils, devil horns, interesting hats, and many more.

Sashes are also a hit, with special balloons crafted just for bachelorette parties gaining traction.

The goal is to make the environment as fun and coordinated as possible. If costumes aren't your thing, even small decorations like wigs, dance dresses, or ribbons can signify a united, fun-loving group.

Bachelorette Party – Must-have Activities, Gadgets, and Accessories

You can wear the best costumes, but they're nothing without activities to keep the party buzzing. Clubs are great for dancing but spice things up with interesting games—erotic or alcohol-fueled ones can capture everyone's attention for hours. Perfect for parties at home or in the garden. With the right accessories, you'll never run out of fun ideas.

Bridesmaids usually spearhead the planning and selection of bachelorette party items. Though a relatively new trend in Europe, a wide variety of items are available to make the setting attractive and engaging for the guests. The goal is to have maximum fun at minimal cost.

Games and Activities for Bachelorette Parties - Good Crew, Good Fun

Anyone who has ever organized a bachelorette party knows how vital theme-related items are for the ambiance. The mood improves dramatically when participants dress up or use funny gadgets. Gifts for the bride-to-be also matter; opt for something pleasurable, but remember that bachelorette parties often feature erotic and funny items. So, don't hesitate to include these in your celebration for a perfectly organized party.

Don't hesitate—turn your bachelorette party into a night to remember with our range of products and ideas. Shop now and let the fun begin!

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