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Santa Claus hat

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Antler headband with Nose
Price 6,00 PLN
Promotion Promotional Product
Antler headband, silver
Price 11,00 PLN
Cap - Santa's scarf, size: 30x150 cm
Price 20,90 PLN
Headband Ginger Bread
Price 8,90 PLN
Santa hat headband 11x19 cm
Price 7,50 PLN
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Santa hat Soft Velvet
Price 13,90 PLN
Santa hat with beard, size 29 x 36 cm
Price 9,00 PLN
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Santa hat, fleece, 29x41 cm
Price 4,30 PLN
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Santa hat, size S, 26x35 cm, velvet
Price 6,00 PLN
Santa wig for adult, with beard , eyebrows and hat, one size
Price 34,90 PLN
Promotional Product
X-Mas hat "Happy Reindeer"
Price 10,50 PLN

Santa Hats: An Essential Part of the Holiday Season

Dive into the magical world of Santa Claus and add some extra cheer to your holiday celebrations. Our online store offers an extensive range of Santa hats for both adults and children, allowing you to pick the perfect festive headgear. Ideal for completing your Santa costume or simply bringing some festive spirit into everyday life, our Santa hats come in various styles, materials, and sizes. Don't miss out on this essential holiday accessory!

Traditional Santa Hats for Kids and Adults

The Santa hat is more than just a piece of festive apparel; it's a symbol that every child recognizes, instantly bringing to mind the jolly old man with a long beard and sack full of gifts. The perfect Santa hat should be comfortably long, made from plush or felt material in a rich red color, and finished with a white trim and a carefree dangling pom-pom. We offer Santa hats in a range of styles—long, short, velvety, plush, with various head circumferences—so not only do they look good, but they also keep you warm on a chilly day! With our diverse assortment, everyone can find a hat that suits their taste and size. For those looking for a twist on tradition, we also offer Santa hats attached to hairbands, adorned with reindeer images and the phrase "Merry Christmas." And that's not all! Some of our hats even come 2-in-1, with a permanent white beard attached. This ensures that, even if a child tugs at the faux beard, the wearer's identity remains a secret.

Special Edition Santa Hats for Women

Ladies, if you want to stand out and are looking for something unconventional, we also offer stylish felt hats adorned with a flashy tiara that sparkles under artificial light. Donning such a headpiece for a corporate holiday party will definitely make you the talk of the office, outshining those with standard hat versions.

Santa Hats for School Events

Our red pom-pom hats are perfect for a school holiday gathering. Students who wear these festive hats will instantly feel the holiday spirit and uplift the mood of the event. Teachers, in a show of solidarity with their students, should also consider wearing a Santa hat!

More Than Just Santa Hats

Of course, Santa hats are just a small part of our comprehensive product range. Anyone looking to fully transform into this holiday hero will also need a complete Santa suit. We offer durable and well-made Santa costumes in various sizes. These are manufactured from high-quality materials like soft polyester and cotton, ensuring they won't stretch, fade, or shrink during washes. Some sets even include black boot covers that easily slip over shoes, mimicking Santa's classic look. Don't forget to add a spacious, sturdy gift sack in red-and-white, as well as gloves and a bell to announce the arrival of everyone's favorite guest. Complete the look with a thick black belt and a gray beard with curly hair, for a realistic finish.

Explore More of Our Festive Range

We warmly invite you to browse our other available products, including decorations for special occasions and costumes for children and adults. We offer a wide selection of ornaments and accessories that will highlight the unique atmosphere of the holidays, making your celebratory photos even more memorable.

Ready to Spread Some Holiday Cheer?

Don't wait! Add a splash of holiday spirit to your celebrations with our versatile and high-quality Santa hats and accessories. Make this season unforgettable for you and your loved ones!

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