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Engagement Ideas

Acrylic cake topper Diamond Heart, gold, 16x10 cm
Price 5,00 PLN
Acrylic cake topper Love, gold, 13x10 cm
Price 4,90 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
Balloon Helium Tank 9 inches, 20 Balloons
Price 109,15 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
Balloon Helium Tank 9 inches, 30 Balloons
Price 119,00 PLN
Balloon Premium 5 Hearts, red and white / 5 pcs.
Price 4,75 PLN
Balloons D11 Hearts 1C5S/ 6 pcs
Price 10,90 PLN
Balloons D11 I Love You 101-RED 1C2S, 6 pcs
Price 10,90 PLN
New Product
Balon foliowy I love you, serce, 43 cm
Price 12,27 PLN
Balon foliowy Love You, ombre
Price 12,27 PLN
Beauty&Charm balloons, red pastels 12" / 50 pcs.
Price 18,95 PLN
Canon confetti B&C Gold and white paper stripes / 40cm
Price 10,90 PLN
Confetti Cannon - Love is in the air / 40 cm
Price 9,90 PLN
Confetti Cannon - rose petals, pink, textile / 60 cm
Price 13,90 PLN
Confetti Cannon "Colourful Butterfly" / 60 cm
Price 9,90 PLN
Confetti Cannon Rose Petals, textile, red / 60 cm
Price 9,90 PLN
Confetti Cannon Rose Petals, textile, white / 60 cm
Price 13,90 PLN
CR17 pastel balloon "Large heart" - white 01 / 50 pcs
Price 64,25 PLN
DIY balloon garland Love, 65 balloons + tape
Price 35,90 PLN
Foil balloon - LOVE (letters), 74 cm
Price 6,95 PLN
Foil balloon "Heart" , gold, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon "Heart" , silver, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon "Heart", pink, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon 18" FX - "Heart" (light pink)
Price 3,25 PLN
Foil Balloon 18" FX - "Heart" (red)
Price 3,25 PLN
Foil balloon 18" FX - I Love You + two hearts
Price 3,45 PLN
Foil balloon 18" FX "LOVE" Heart (gradient)
Price 3,45 PLN
Foil Balloon 18" HRT - "I Love You" Geode Watercolour, Packaged
Price 12,27 PLN
Foil balloon 18" QL CIR Only hearts
Price 7,90 PLN
Foil balloon 18" QL HRT - I Love You, gold dots
Price 11,90 PLN
Foil balloon 18" QL HRT "On Your Engagement"
Price 9,60 PLN
New Product
Foil Balloon 18" QL Love You Little Hearts, 1 pcs
Price 11,68 PLN
Foil balloon 22" QL Bubble single "Love - Connected Hearts"
Price 23,90 PLN
Foil balloon 22" QL Bubble Smile Hearts
Price 20,90 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX - "Open heart, red"
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX - Gold Ring
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX Teddy with Heart, packed
Price 10,50 PLN
Foil balloon 24" QL Bubble Deco "Hearts"
Price 24,90 PLN
Foil balloon 30 inches QL SHP "Lips"
Price 22,44 PLN

Transform Your Engagement Party with Our Special Decorations and Accessories

The first paragraph serves as a summary that highlights the evolving trend of celebrating engagement parties in addition to the traditional exchange of rings. It emphasizes the importance of creating a memorable atmosphere with specialized decorations, accessories, and gifts. Our collection promises to offer everything you need to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Ideas, Accessories, and Add-ons for Engagements

When it comes to engagement festivities, our store offers a wide array of products to suit your needs. From special occasion cards and engagement bouquets to ring boxes and various other ornamental items, we've got you covered. But let's not forget the engagement balloons, a staple in creating a festive environment. When planning your party, it's crucial to invest in eye-catching decorations that set the right mood for the event. A well-accessorized engagement celebration is sure to exude a unique style and become a cherished memory for everyone involved.

Why not browse our collection now and find the perfect additions to your engagement celebration?

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