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Nativity Play Costumes

"Halo" headpiece, white
Price 7,00 PLN
Angel Halo Headband
Price 9,75 PLN
New Product
Angel wings folded pink (50 x 50 cm)
Price 38,92 PLN
Angel wings, brocade
Price 15,00 PLN
Angel wings, pink, 50x50 cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Angel wings, white, 50 x 50 cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Angel's wings, black, 50x50cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Costume for children "King" (cape, crown, scepter)
Price 34,90 PLN
Costume for children Angel (skirt, wings, headband)
Price 36,00 PLN
Promotional Product
Costume for children Angel with can (wings, halo)
Price 26,60 PLN
Costume for children Little Lamb, 18-24 month
Price 139,23 PLN
New Product
Costume for children Little Lamb, 2-3 yers
Price 144,09 PLN
Crosier, folded
Price 12,00 PLN
Crown, plastic, gold
Price 7,90 PLN
Devil`s tail black
Price 8,58 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX Sheep
Price 5,95 PLN
Foil balloon Sheep, 43 x 36 cm (head)
Price 5,20 PLN
Goral hat (highlander) with feather, size S
Price 22,00 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
King scepter, gold
Price 11,50 PLN
King`s role-play set for kids (cape, crown), size 110/120 cm
Price 59,90 PLN
New Product
LED wings Butterfly fairy (47 x 41 cm)
Price 34,65 PLN
Maria white dress, 100/110, Christmas play
Price 53,90 PLN
Maria White Dress, Christmas Play , s.110/120
Price 56,90 PLN

Christmas Nativity Costumes

When the holiday season is upon us, many educational and local community organizations host Nativity plays. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the costumes, decorations, and accessories needed to make these events memorable. From shepherd costumes to decorative tableware for your holiday gathering, you'll find an array of items to complete your Christmas celebration.

Christmas Nativity plays are popular events that bring together students, their parents, community members, or employees of a given organization. During these plays, actors—often school children—present the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Nativity costumes are essential items for plays organized during this season.

Costumes and Outfits for Nativity Plays

While Nativity plays usually take place a few days before or after Christmas, it's essential to maintain a festive atmosphere throughout. A positive ambiance encourages guests to sing carols along with the actors and appreciate the time spent with friends and family. Costumes and outfits for Nativity plays play a significant role in creating this environment. Moreover, a modest Christmas dinner is often organized for the guests as part of the celebration.

Decorations and Ornaments for Nativity Plays

When it comes to decorations for Nativity plays, you'll find a plethora of options like snowflakes, stars, little Christmas trees, bells, angel wings, halos, and many more. The Christmas tree itself can be adorned with elegant baubles, ribbons, or lanterns. To achieve the ultimate festive look, consider using Christmas motifs, stable scenes, or any of the aforementioned elements. Soft lighting can also add to the intimate, festive décor.

Costumes for Children and Adults for Nativity Plays

Table settings are another crucial aspect of Nativity plays. The table doesn't have to be just about a white tablecloth and straw; think about plates, cups, and trays for the food. Usually, disposable plastic or paper tableware is used for the event. Yet, it doesn’t mean they can’t add to the mood. The right color scheme, combined with beautiful table decorations, can also contribute to the holiday spirit.

Nativity Play Accessories - Shepherds, Sing! Angels, Play Along!

Every element is important when organizing a Nativity play. From the room décor to the table setting, the food, and, of course, the performance itself. The actors need to be well-prepared, with appropriate costumes and props that make the stage look authentic and professional. Nativity play accessories are used wherever such events are organized. They help set the festive mood and offer an opportunity for everyone to kick off the Christmas celebrations a bit early.

Virgin Mary Costume

If you're searching for a Virgin Mary costume for one of your children for a Nativity play, you've come to the right place! While not as common as other Nativity characters, a Mary costume demands meticulous design and craftsmanship. You could try to make it yourself, but why complicate things when ready-made solutions are available? Besides, making a Mary costume requires design skills, appropriate materials, and most importantly, time—which is a luxury we often don’t have. The Virgin Mary costume can serve not only as a Nativity outfit but also be repurposed for other school plays or children’s theater performances.

Shop Now to make your Christmas Nativity play an unforgettable experience!

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