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Saint Andrew's Eve

Artificial witch nose
Price 4,62 PLN
Balloon bouquet B&C Silver & Graphite, 7 pcs
Price 9,95 PLN
Balloon Premium Halloween faces, 12" / 3 pcs.
Price 6,25 PLN
Balloon Premium Hel stars gold, 13 inches/ 6 pcs.
Price 9,25 PLN
Balloon Premium Hel stars silver, 13 inches/ 6 pcs.
Price 9,25 PLN
Balloon Premium Skull, black, 12 inches/ 5 pcs.
Price 5,45 PLN
Bat paper garland, black, 10.5x25x300 cm
Price 6,95 PLN
Beauty&Charm Balloons, black metallic 12" / 10 pcs.
Price 6,55 PLN
Beauty&Charm Balloons, black metallic 12" / 50 pcs.
Price 19,95 PLN
Beauty&Charm balloons, black pastels 12" / 50 pcs.
Price 18,95 PLN
Beauty&Charm balloons, pastel black 12" / 10 pcs.
Price 5,95 PLN
Birthday candles Dia De Los Muertos masks , 6 pcs.
Price 2,49 PLN
Black mask
Price 6,34 PLN
Bob Wig, black, one size
Price 34,52 PLN
Candles Ombre, colourful glitter, 3x3x170mm, 6 pcs
Price 6,00 PLN
Candles Ombre, red glitter, 3x3x170 mm, 6 pcs
Price 6,00 PLN
Candles Swirl Ombre, blue / black, 5x5x150mm, 5 pcs
Price 5,90 PLN
Candles Swirl Ombre, red / black, 5x5x150mm, 5 pcs
Price 5,90 PLN
Cat Ears set, black
Price 14,74 PLN
D11 balloons Stars, clear, 30 cm / 6 pcs
Price 10,90 PLN
Decorative garland B&C, metallic fringes, black
Price 12,40 PLN
Detachable Devil Fork
Price 10,56 PLN
New Product
Devil fork, 112 cm
Price 15,52 PLN
Drinking straws with deco card Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses, 4 pcs
Price 6,90 PLN
Eva mask Scream, hooded
Price 10,12 PLN
Evening gloves, long, black
Price 17,92 PLN
Felt mask Spider, 22x14 cm
Price 5,60 PLN
Flag Banner Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses
Price 18,90 PLN
Foil balloon "Star" , silver, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon 18" Harry Potter
Price 7,90 PLN
Foil balloon 18" SQR - Harry Potter
Price 17,15 PLN
Foil Balloon 24" FX - Bat
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX - Black Cat , packed
Price 9,50 PLN
Foil Balloon 24" FX - Spider
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX Witch on Broom, packed
Price 10,50 PLN
Foil balloon 40" QL SHP "Witch's Hat"
Price 29,95 PLN
Foil balloon B&C Stars, gold and silver 19" , 3 pcs
Price 7,95 PLN
Foil balloon FX 24" - Fairy, packed
Price 10,50 PLN
Foil balloon FX 24" - Footprint Black
Price 5,45 PLN
Foil balloon Star, black, 19"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon Witch on Broom, FX, 24"
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil confetti Circles, 1.5 cm, 18g, black
Price 6,90 PLN
Foil confetti Circles, 2 cm, 250g, black
Price 57,90 PLN

Bring the magic and excitement of Andrzejki, a traditional Polish celebration, into your home with our innovative party ideas. From intriguing table decorations to fun costumes and traditional fortune-telling activities, we have all the essentials to make your Andrzejki unforgettable.

Andrzejki Party Ideas

Andrzejki is an ancient Polish celebration observed on the eve of St. Andrew's Day. It's an evening dedicated not only to uncovering hints about the future but also to joyous revelry, heralding the advent season. We offer a multitude of ideas for organizing an unforgettable, magical Andrzejki party complete with traditional Andrzejki fortune-telling.

Andrzejki Decorations

Andrzejki is a night of fortune-telling, romantic magic, and great fun. Setting the right atmosphere for the evening calls for special Andrzejki decorations. Primarily, focus on adornments that bring a sense of mystery and magic to the surroundings, such as artificial cobwebs or paper garlands shaped like skulls.

Table Decorations for Andrzejki

Highlight the extraordinary aura of the Andrzejki gathering by adorning your table appropriately. A black tablecloth or one with a cobweb pattern serves as a splendid, dark backdrop for your delicious dishes and the cards you'll use for fortune-telling. Additionally, our store offers paper plates, plastic cups, and black straws that perfectly match the Andrzejki atmosphere.

Andrzejki Costumes

Spicing up the party can also be done through Andrzejki costumes! Andrzejki is a great occasion for mysterious or dark attire, such as:

  • Witch costumes
  • Wizard costumes
  • Vampiress costumes
  • Vampire costumes
  • Cat costumes
  • Andrzejki fairy costumes
  • Devil costumes
  • Magician costumes

You can also opt for Andrzejki accessories or additions to the costumes:

  • Headbands with little hats
  • Cloaks
  • Wigs
  • Artificial beards
  • Skull-patterned knee-highs
  • Wizard wands
  • Funny “zombie” socks

These types of accessories will bring life to any party, serving as a source of jokes and antics. Another interesting idea for Andrzejki is to host a masquerade party. In our store, you will find a variety of beautifully decorated carnival masks ideal for Andrzejki.

Wax Pouring and Other Andrzejki Fortune-Telling

If it's Andrzejki, fortune-telling is a must! There are many ways to go about it, with some of the most popular being wax pouring through a keyhole, lining up shoes from the wall to the door to determine who will marry first, and drawing lots with names. To add more mystery and fun to Andrzejki fortune-telling, consider dressing up as a fairy or witch! Complete your fairy or witch costume using items like a witch mask, a witch's wig, or an artificial witch's nose. Complement this look with a magic wand. To make it even spookier, add creepy accessories like glow-in-the-dark witch fingers and artificial cobwebs. Don't forget to place a spider on them for a true horror atmosphere! Hocus pocus, we wish you all successful fortune-telling!

Hosting an Andrzejki party at home is a fantastic and budget-friendly way to spend time with friends and acquaintances. Make it a night to remember with our unique decorations, costumes, and fortune-telling ideas!

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