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Harry Potter

Banner Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses - Happy Birthday
Price 18,90 PLN
Child Costume Harry Potter Robe Kit 8-10 Years
Price 135,34 PLN
Drinking straws with deco card Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses, 4 pcs
Price 6,90 PLN
Flag Banner Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses
Price 18,90 PLN
Foil balloon 18" Harry Potter
Price 7,90 PLN
Foil balloon 18" SQR - Harry Potter
Price 17,15 PLN
Foil balloon 40" QL SHP "Witch's Hat"
Price 29,95 PLN
Harry Potter bracelets, 4 pcs
Price 13,94 PLN
Harry Potter paper cups, 250 ml, 8 pcs
Price 11,87 PLN
Harry Potter swirl decoration, 60 cm, 6 pcs
Price 16,95 PLN
Invitations with envelope Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses, 6 pcs
Price 9,90 PLN
Latex balloons Harry Potter 11", 6 pcs
Price 15,29 PLN
Paper cups (WM) Harry Potter, 200ml, 8 pcs (SUP label)
Price 11,71 PLN
Paper hats Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses, 6 pcs
Price 8,90 PLN
Paper napkins Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses, size 33 x 33 cm, 20 pcs
Price 8,25 PLN
New Product
Paper napkins HARRY POTTER, 16 pcs
Price 9,47 PLN
Paper plates HARRY POTTER 23 cm, 8 pcs. (plastic-free)
Price 15,70 PLN
New Product
Paper plates HARRY POTTER 7" , 8 pcs
Price 10,05 PLN
Paper plates Harry Potter, 23 cm, 8 pcs
Price 16,90 PLN
New Product
Paper plates Harry Potter, 23 cm, 8 pcs
Price 17,55 PLN
Paper Table cover "Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses" 120 x 180 cm
Price 22,90 PLN
Photo booth props Harry Potter, 8 pcs
Price 17,90 PLN
Set of 8 balloons "Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses"
Price 14,50 PLN
Wand, 24,5 cm
Price 3,96 PLN
Witch hat, flocked, size S
Price 11,00 PLN
Wizard costume for kids (robe with hood), size 110/120 cm
Price 59,90 PLN
Wizard costume for kids (robe with hood), size 120/130 cm
Price 59,90 PLN
Wizard costume for kids (robe with hood), size 130/140 cm
Price 59,90 PLN
Wizard hat, one size
Price 14,00 PLN

Transform your child's birthday party into an unforgettable magical event with our Harry Potter-themed accessories. From enchanting hanging decorations to table settings that transport you straight to Hogwarts, our online store offers a comprehensive range of Harry Potter birthday items. This category also features costumes and accessories for kids that go beyond just birthday parties and are perfect for other themed events or dress-up occasions.

Birthday Accessories - Harry Potter

The world of magic and wizardry, brought to life in J.K. Rowling's book series and the accompanying films, continues to enchant children, teenagers, and adults alike. To make your child's birthday party truly magical and memorable, look no further than the accessories themed around the world's most famous young wizard available in our store.

Before you begin planning, consider invitations that carry the chosen Harry Potter theme and special gift bags that make for a wonderful keepsake.

Birthday Accessories - Hanging Decorations

Create an exceptional magical atmosphere with our hanging decorations. Birthday garlands strung across the room or hall with messages of best wishes are sure to set the party mood. The vibrant and intense colors of the garlands will look impressive suspended in the air, welcoming each new guest to your child's birthday celebration.

Birthday Accessories for Kids - Table Decorations

While immersing the birthday celebration in the magical world, it's essential to stay grounded and not forget practical accessories. Available in our store are various table items such as:
  • Paper plates,
  • Plastic cups,
  • Plastic tablecloths.
These table accessories will do their job perfectly, allowing you to transition to the Hogwarts dining hall while safely enjoying various dishes and treats.

Costumes and Dress-up for Kids

Costumes and accessories from Harry Potter's world, like tiaras, plastic glasses, and wizard robes complete with hoods, are not just for birthday parties. These costumes and accessories are also perfect for themed events or costume balls, allowing for the transformation into witches and wizards.

Don't miss the opportunity to make your child's magical dreams come true. Browse our collection and place your order today!

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