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Boys' Costumes

"Silver stars" glasses
Price 9,02 PLN
Adult Crown Medieval King
Price 31,12 PLN
Angel wings, brocade
Price 15,00 PLN
Arabic scarf for the head of Sheik Abdullah
Price 23,32 PLN
Armor Fancy role-play costume - Minecraft (licensed), size S (4-6 yrs)
Price 106,00 PLN
B&C Paper Glasses Happy Birthday, rose gold, 4 pcs.
Price 5,90 PLN
Baby Costume Marshall Age 2-3 Years
Price 147,16 PLN
Batman Classic role-play costume, size 6-8 years
Price 185,76 PLN
Batman Dark Knight role-play costume, size 6-8 years
Price 185,33 PLN
Birthday tie 80, size 42x18 cm
Price 14,90 PLN
Boo paper headbands, mix, 4 pcs
Price 4,50 PLN
Bow tie Basic black
Price 5,85 PLN
Bow tie Basic white
Price 5,85 PLN
New Product
Bracelet BATMAN, 4 pcs
Price 16,38 PLN
Bumblebee accessory kit - Transformers (licensed), one size / child
Price 111,90 PLN
Bumblebee mask - Transformers (licensed), one size / child
Price 32,90 PLN
Cap - Santa's scarf, size: 30x150 cm
Price 20,90 PLN
Cat cap
Price 14,50 PLN
Child cap 'Special police', (adjustable)
Price 25,43 PLN
Child Costume Blue's Clues Jumpsuit, Age 2-3 Years
Price 178,09 PLN
Child Costume Blue's Clues Jumpsuit, Age 3-4 Years
Price 169,21 PLN
Child Costume Chase Age 3-4 Years
Price 133,48 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Chase Age 4-6 Years
Price 133,48 PLN
New Product
Child costume Cookie clown, size 3/4 years
Price 98,95 PLN
Child Costume Elephant Onesie, Age 4-6 Years
Price 160,17 PLN
Child Costume Harry Potter Robe Kit 8-10 Years
Price 135,34 PLN
Child Costume Marshall Age 3-4 Years
Price 133,48 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Marshall Age 4-6 Years
Price 124,09 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Marshall Deluxe Age 3-4 Years
Price 161,12 PLN
Child Costume Panda Onesie Child Age 4-6 Years
Price 122,23 PLN
Child Costume Paw Patrol - Liberty, Age 4-6 Years
Price 132,26 PLN
Child Costume Paw Patrol Everest, Age 4-6 Years
Price 145,51 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Paw Patrol Movie - Chase light, Age 4-6 Years
Price 147,09 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Paw Patrol Movie - Marshall light, Age 4-6 Years
Price 140,21 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Peppa Pig George Pirate, Age 3-4 Years
Price 133,97 PLN
Child Costume Pokemon Pikachu Suit Boy 3 - 4 Years
Price 153,29 PLN

A good carnival costume sets the mood for any children's ball, play, or party, significantly influencing the overall atmosphere. Particularly for boys, the right outfit should make an impression. From superheroes to soldiers, the range of choices is vast, and ensuring the right fit is essential. Whether for a carnival, birthday, or school play, costumes are more than just clothes; they’re a gateway to imagination.

Good carnival attire is the foundation of every children's ball, children's theater, and a guarantee of fun. The right costume can significantly influence the mood of the entire event. Especially for children, and in particular boys, a good outfit should impress and ideally stand out among others.

Which costume to choose? Superhero, policeman, or perhaps...?

Among the carnival costumes for boys, there are many different themes. Superhero costumes, mainly known from comics and cartoons, fascinate young males. Boys also love uniformed outfits, so there should be no shortage of policeman, firefighter, or soldier costumes. Carnival costumes can be as imaginative as you like, especially as manufacturers keep creating new designs that may appeal to children, ensuring they have the best outfit for a masquerade ball at preschool or school.

Things to note:
Boys' costumes are available in various sizes, though some have a universal fit. Boys aged 1-6, primary school children, and even those in middle school can benefit from the range. Each outfit has its size chart, which should be consulted as a size for children aged 2, 3, or 4 might differ depending on the child's height. Carnival parties in schools often require special costumes, making children and teenagers up to the age of 14 the primary consumers.

Not only is a carnival ball an ideal opportunity for a fun outfit. You can also wear a humorous costume to birthdays, Valentine's parties, children's day, or use them for plays in educational institutions.
Schools and kindergartens often look for suitable costumes for plays, nativity scenes, or celebrations for Mother's Day or Grandparents' Day. A good assortment of children's dress-up costumes is something urban institutions should proudly offer.

Carnival costume for a boy – where to start?

Carnival costumes should be chosen carefully. If you're selecting for a specific child, it's essential to emphasize their interests. For instance, if a boy loves Superman comics, it's best to look for a superhero costume for him. Be cautious, as different heroes might not always get along, such as Batman fighting Superman in one movie. It's vital to confirm the child's preferences. For those interested in history, a famous historical figure might be appropriate. Also, children's favorite movies play a part; in recent years, pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Ninja (Ninjago) costumes have become quite popular.

Costume, outfit for a boy

Ready-made sets are the easiest way to find the right costume, as such products include everything needed to represent a specific character, e.g., a crown and scepter for a king, a sword, and a headband for a pirate, etc. Of course, costumes can also be enriched with many accessories from our offer, such as wigs, shields, armors, and other gadgets suitable for the chosen costume.
When purchasing a carnival costume for a boy, pay attention not only to the outfit's appearance but also to its size. Boys of different ages may need garments of different dimensions, so it's recommended to adjust the carnival costume to the child's age group.

It's advisable not to wait until the last minute to choose an outfit. Although preschool boys might seem uninterested in costumes, they usually enjoy their attire on the "event" day, especially seeing other dressed-up children. Boys love to surprise, so it's worth choosing an interesting outfit for them, suited to their personality, or showing a completely different side of them. Shop now and let their imaginations soar!

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