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Girls' Costumes

"Silver stars" glasses
Price 9,02 PLN
Angel wings, brocade
Price 15,00 PLN
B&C Paper Glasses Happy Birthday, rose gold, 4 pcs.
Price 5,90 PLN
Belle Deluxe role-play costume - Princess (licensed), size M (7-8 yrs)
Price 150,15 PLN
Belle Deluxe role-play costume - Princess (licensed), size S (5-6 yrs)
Price 150,15 PLN
Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 110/120
Price 99,90 PLN
Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 120/130
Price 99,90 PLN
'Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 130/140
Price 99,90 PLN
Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 92/104
Price 69,90 PLN
Cape Blue Princess (cape with collar), size 110/120
Price 55,90 PLN
Cape Blue Princess (cape with collar), size 120/130
Price 55,90 PLN
Cape for children "Ombre" in stars, one size
Price 22,00 PLN
Cat Ears set, black
Price 14,74 PLN
Child Costume Elephant Onesie, Age 4-6 Years
Price 160,17 PLN
Child Costume Mermaid Age 4-6 Years
Price 128,40 PLN
Child Costume Panda Onesie Child Age 4-6 Years
Price 122,23 PLN
Child Costume Paw Patrol - Liberty, Age 3-4 Years
Price 132,26 PLN
Child Costume Paw Patrol - Liberty, Age 4-6 Years
Price 132,26 PLN
Child Costume Paw Patrol Everest, Age 3-4 Years
Price 145,51 PLN
Child Costume Paw Patrol Everest, Age 4-6 Years
Price 145,51 PLN
Child Costume Peppa Pig Dress Pirate, Age 3-4 Years
Price 144,08 PLN
Child Costume Peppa Rainbow Dress, Age 3-4 Years
Price 171,51 PLN
Child Costume Pink Fairy Age 3-4 Years
Price 101,16 PLN
Child Costume Skye Age 3-4 Years
Price 133,48 PLN
Child Costume Skye Age 4-6 Years
Price 133,48 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Sustainable Bingo, Age 2-3 Years
Price 159,33 PLN
Child Costume Sustainable Bingo, Age 3-4 Years
Price 160,84 PLN

Discover a world of delightful and enchanting carnival costumes for young girls. Whether they dream of being princesses, witches, or any other character, there's something for every girl's unique taste and personality. Dive into the guide below for advice on selecting the perfect costume and understand the various options available in the European market.

Dressing up for carnival is a tradition many institutions in Europe embrace, with various themed parties and events. Schools and kindergartens often participate, making it essential for parents to swiftly find the right costume for their children. Carnival costumes for girls carry immense importance and significance. Every girl wants to look her most beautiful or stand out uniquely to impress her peers.

Which costume to choose? Princesses, fairies, or witches?

Many young girls dream of being princesses, living in castles, and awaiting their prince on a white horse. From an early age, they seek opportunities to feel special, so a dress with a crown will undoubtedly garner much interest. And while there might be a plethora of princesses at dress-up parties, there's always room for one more.

The color and design of the dress also matter. Recently, blue dresses, reminiscent of Elsa's gown from the movie Frozen, have gained popularity. Parents should observe their daughter's preferences, as there are myriad colors available, although pink and blue remain predominant.

Costumes, outfits, and dresses for girls

But not every girl dreams of being a princess! Some are drawn to more practical themes, preferring costumes of a housewife, nurse, or ballerina. It's essential to remember that young girls can break stereotypes, opting for costumes like a pirate, ghost, or witch.

The Harry Potter series is immensely popular among girls, making a wizard's outfit a potential hit.

Parents searching for the right costume should understand that young girls can be quite particular. They may have distinct preferences in terms of the dress's design and color, making it challenging to find the perfect fit.

It's also worth noting that a costume doesn't have to be a significant financial burden. There are affordable options available, such as bee or ladybug costumes. Sometimes, purchasing just the accessories (like wings or headbands) can achieve the desired look.

Girls at costume balls

Girls' costumes are primarily used during carnival balls throughout Europe. Schools and kindergartens host these events annually, ensuring maximum entertainment for children. However, interesting outfits can also come in handy for other occasions. Girls adore Valentine's Day or Women's Day celebrations and would gladly choose a beautiful dress for these events.

Educational institution staff also make use of girls' costumes, especially for school plays or nativity scenes. Angel costumes are particularly popular and are always a hit, with young girls looking truly divine in them.

Of course, ensuring the correct size is crucial. It's best to check not only the age group but also the exact dimensions of the costume.

Costumes for girls offer a vast and exciting array. Choose something intriguing that can serve as an outfit for memorable events, letting little girls feel like genuine characters from fairy tales and fables. Explore the world of possibilities and make every occasion magical!

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