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Makeup & Face Paint

"Silver stars" glasses
Price 9,02 PLN
Accessory blue (party glasses, bow tie and suspenders)
Price 27,30 PLN
B&C Paper Glasses Happy Birthday, rose gold, 4 pcs.
Price 5,90 PLN
Balloon 18" Decorative set - "Mustache"
Price 19,90 PLN
New Product
Beard Hipster
Price 25,35 PLN
Bee glasses
Price 11,70 PLN
Biker beard
Price 21,45 PLN
Biker moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Captain's Beard
Price 23,32 PLN
Chinese Emperor moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Cocktail glasses
Price 9,90 PLN
Cowboy beard
Price 21,45 PLN
Detective's moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Dropping Eyeball Glasses
Price 6,40 PLN
Elvis glasses with sideburns
Price 11,88 PLN
Face paintings Army (scarf, make-up, applicator)
Price 31,12 PLN
New Product
Farba do malowania twarzy 18ml Biała Snazaroo
Price 22,64 PLN
New Product
Farba do malowania twarzy 18ml Czarna Snazaroo
Price 22,64 PLN
New Product
Farba do malowania twarzy 18ml Czerwona Snazaroo
Price 22,64 PLN
New Product
Farba do malowania twarzy 18ml Fuksja Snazaroo
Price 22,70 PLN
New Product
Farba do malowania twarzy 18ml Żółta Snazaroo
Price 22,64 PLN
New Product
Farba do malowania twarzy i ciała Biała Clown White 50ml Snazaroo
Price 23,10 PLN
Game Over Glasses
Price 8,20 PLN
Gangster moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Glasses "Captain"
Price 13,26 PLN
Glasses 30th birthday, pink
Price 9,50 PLN
Glasses John, blue
Price 9,75 PLN
Glasses John, pink
Price 9,75 PLN
New Product
glasses Les Bleus, 4 pcs
Price 23,32 PLN
New Product
Glasses Love
Price 13,65 PLN
New Product
Glasses Party Bling Bling, 2 colors, 2 pcs.
Price 13,65 PLN
New Product
Glasses Party Bling Bling, 2 colors, 2 pcs.
Price 27,30 PLN
Glasses Party Blues, 3 pcs
Price 18,64 PLN
Glasses Pixels, yellow
Price 7,95 PLN
Glasses Traces of blood
Price 7,90 PLN
Glasses with nose Baba Yaga
Price 8,14 PLN
Gringo moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Indian face paint (4 jars, applicator)
Price 27,30 PLN
John glasses, grey
Price 9,62 PLN

While costumes set the stage for any party or event, it's the makeup and accessories that truly complete the look, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the character. Our range of makeup and party characterization products ensures that every outfit shines, and every face tells a captivating story. Get ready to transform yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Makeup and Characterization Products for Parties

Carnival costumes and outfits are just the beginning! To truly dazzle everyone with your ensemble, it's crucial to pair it with the right makeup and characterization. This allows you to transform into any character, achieving an incredibly realistic effect!

Face Paints and Crayons

Face painting during corporate and occasional parties is always a hit. It's the simplest way to entertain kids and also help adults channel their inner fierce monster or blood-thirsty vampire for the evening! Our safe and hypoallergenic face crayons and paints will make your face unrecognizable, ensuring a memorable transformation.

Hair Paints and Glitters

Hair glitter and coloring trends have been making waves for several seasons now. With our glitter sprays, you can give your hairstyle a unique, radiant finish that shines and sparkles. Applying it is child's play (a simple spray does the trick), and so is its removal. No need to fret about sparkly particles lingering in your hair beyond one party night. A simple wash is all it takes! But while they're on, bask in the spectacular effect they deliver.

Artificial Mustaches, Beards, and Men's Accessories

Such additions bring an edge to your look. Utilize them when dressing up as a grandfather, hippie, rock n' roller, pirate, Viking, or a classic gentleman. Just stick a faux beard or mustache on your face, pop a pipe in your mouth, and you're set! For the ladies, we recommend vibrant, colorful artificial lashes that promise to captivate!

Funny Glasses

Quirky party glasses are the easiest way to start viewing the world through a more cheerful lens. In our collection, you'll find:

  • Pink glasses
  • Nerdy spectacles
  • Children's glasses
  • Heart-shaped glasses
  • Glow-in-the-dark glasses
  • Glasses with attached nose and eyebrows
  • Straw glasses
  • Star-shaped glasses

Our costume accessories will help you craft an extraordinary outfit and truly stand out in Europe. Don't miss out on the chance to be the star of the party - shop now and let your character shine!

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