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Face and Body Paint

Clown face paint (4 jars, applicator)
Price 27,30 PLN
Face paintings Army (scarf, make-up, applicator)
Price 31,12 PLN
Indian face paint (4 jars, applicator)
Price 27,30 PLN
New Product
Make Up, biały krem, 28 ml
Price 11,90 PLN
Make-up set Horror Clown (nose, paints, cream, sponge)
Price 38,92 PLN
Make-up stick, rainbow, 6 pcs
Price 19,50 PLN
Recommended Product Great Price
Paints for face and body painting 6 col.
Price 9,95 PLN
Pencils for face painting 12 col
Price 15,95 PLN
Pirate face paint (4 jars, applicator)
Price 27,30 PLN
PRINCESS face paint (4 jars, applicator)
Price 27,30 PLN

Dive into the exciting world of face painting, a timeless activity cherished by children and adults alike. This guide highlights the benefits of using face paints and crayons, providing a transformational experience for everyone. From superheroes to Halloween looks, the possibilities are endless with these safe and easy-to-use products.

Children's Face Painting Fun

Kids adore fun and colors. Nothing's more thrilling than transforming into a favorite superhero. When there's no costume around, you can always turn to... face painting crayons or paints!

Face Paints

Who said you have to spend a fortune for fantastic makeup and characterization? With face paints and a dash of enthusiasm, you can turn into anyone or anything you've ever dreamt of. Your only limit is imagination, and we're confident you've got plenty of that. Face paints allow you to transform into zombies, clowns, vampires, and characters from popular movies and tales. They're also a fantastic way to entertain kids. A little cat, dog, pirate, or a favorite fairy tale character? You can turn your child into anything they desire. And if you're a daring parent, why not swap roles? Always ensure you use special face and body painting sets, as they are entirely safe. Regular paints (not for face) are unsuitable.

Face Painting: Spiderman, Ladybug, Bee

Every child has their own design preference for their face. The most popular among boys are Spiderman, other superheroes, or a teddy bear. In contrast, girls tend to lean towards bunnies, ladybugs, or bees.

Face Painting Crayons - Quick Transformation

Face painting crayons are often used during various children's events. Children's Day, birthdays, the beginning of spring, and many other occasions can feature the attraction of face painting with beautiful, intriguing patterns. Face crayons usually come in a variety of colors, enabling the creation of a complete look using one color palette. They offer numerous possibilities, from creating an original costume to ensuring unforgettable fun during many popular festivities. Educational institutions, companies organizing birthdays for children, theater groups, and professional makeup artists should always stock these crayons. Such crayons or paints are safe for children's skin and easily washable.

Body Painting - From a Gentleman to a Vampire

Adults too can benefit from characterization.
Face paints can perform wonders, completely changing a person's appearance. Thanks to them, the most terrifying and intriguing costumes are created. With paints, even the most elegant man can be turned into a spine-chilling creature. Of course, face products also enable the creation of friendlier and funnier characters.

Sometimes comprehensive makeup makes the entire costume appear much more captivating. There are instances where face characterization is vital. So, one should be prepared with special face crayons that allow for scars, shades, or distinctive wrinkles. Face paints are undoubtedly a "must-have" for every Halloween party.

Halloween Makeup

The long-awaited Halloween is just around the corner, and you want to make a striking impression this year? Then you'll need the perfect... Halloween makeup! This technique can help you achieve a stunning (and terrifying) effect that will leave your family and friends in awe. Creating Halloween makeup might seem challenging, but in reality, it's straightforward. First, choose your look, be it a witch, vampire, or another ghoul. Once you decide, get the appropriate accessories. In this case, these would undoubtedly be face paints. You can go for ready-made options like a "Witch" or "Clown" face painting set or experiment on your own. Halloween is also probably the only time of the year when you can do makeup... for a boy – and we know many wives and mothers dream about this :)

Experience the magic of transformation and enjoy unforgettable moments. Shop now and bring your imagination to life!

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