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Glasses, Eyewear

"Silver stars" glasses
Price 9,02 PLN
Accessory blue (party glasses, bow tie and suspenders)
Price 27,30 PLN
B&C Paper Glasses Happy Birthday, rose gold, 4 pcs.
Price 5,90 PLN
Bee glasses
Price 11,70 PLN
Cocktail glasses
Price 9,90 PLN
Dropping Eyeball Glasses
Price 6,40 PLN
Elvis glasses with sideburns
Price 11,88 PLN
Game Over Glasses
Price 8,20 PLN
Glasses "Captain"
Price 13,26 PLN
Glasses 30th birthday, pink
Price 9,50 PLN
Glasses John, blue
Price 9,75 PLN
Glasses John, pink
Price 9,75 PLN
New Product
glasses Les Bleus, 4 pcs
Price 23,32 PLN
New Product
Glasses Love
Price 13,65 PLN
New Product
Glasses Party Bling Bling, 2 colors, 2 pcs.
Price 13,65 PLN
New Product
Glasses Party Bling Bling, 2 colors, 2 pcs.
Price 27,30 PLN
Glasses Party Blues, 3 pcs
Price 18,64 PLN
Glasses Pixels, yellow
Price 7,95 PLN
Glasses Traces of blood
Price 7,90 PLN
Glasses with nose Baba Yaga
Price 8,14 PLN
John glasses, grey
Price 9,62 PLN
LOL glasses, 4 pcs
Price 14,92 PLN
Nerd glasses
Price 5,94 PLN
Nose "Pinocchio"
Price 7,50 PLN
Okulary Kwiatki, Celeste
Price 15,52 PLN
Okulary Kwiaty - Rosa
Price 19,50 PLN
Okulary party Dance, neonowe żółte
Price 8,50 PLN
Okulary party Jackie, neonowe różowe
Price 10,53 PLN
Okulary party Mirage, srebrne
Price 38,91 PLN
Okulary party Mirage, złote
Price 38,91 PLN
Okulary Party Motyl
Price 17,55 PLN
Okulary party, neonowe różowe, 3 szt.
Price 18,64 PLN
New Product
Party glasses , neon, 3 pcs
Price 18,64 PLN
New Product
Party glasses Bling bling black
Price 15,52 PLN
New Product
Party glasses Bling bling blue
Price 15,52 PLN
Party glasses Dance neon green
Price 8,50 PLN
New Product
Party glasses Sealife
Price 15,52 PLN
New Product
Party glasses Tammy
Price 14,74 PLN
Party glasses, 3 pcs., gold
Price 23,32 PLN
Party glasses, silver, 3 pcs
Price 23,32 PLN

Large colorful glasses are not only a fun accessory to spruce up carnival outfits but also an amusing prop for staged photographs. From the ever-popular "nerd glasses" to quirky ones with attached noses and mustaches, these glasses have been a staple in various entertainment forms and parties. They serve as great additions to various themed parties and events, ensuring attendees get into the celebratory spirit and offering a perfect prop for memorable photos.

Huge Colorful Glasses

These amusingly oversized glasses are perfect accessories for carnival costumes or as props for staged photos. They are often spotted at New Year's Eve parties, masquerade balls, and other special occasions in Europe.

The most popular variant of these amusing glasses is, of course, the "nerd glasses," mimicking significant vision impairment. They have been featured in television shows and theatrical performances for years. Another popular variant is the so-called "spy glasses" which come with an attached nose and mustache, also seen in many movie productions.

Glasses for Parties and Carnivals

Ever since the invention of fun costumes, glasses have always been a go-to accessory, adding flair to an outfit or simply serving as an intriguing accent. These decorative items continue to be used on various occasions. Any party organized for a joyful reason can benefit from the inclusion of funny, colorful glasses as decor or amusing accessories. Some glasses are even made with tubes, allowing them to be used for drinking beverages. They can be a part of bachelor or bachelorette party props but are versatile for numerous other situations as well.

Party Glasses

During truly wild parties, funny props not only entertain and invoke a sense of whimsy but also serve as fantastic photo accessories. Among these gadgets, amusing glasses stand out, either as part of a costume or as standalone party additions. Surely, no one would wear such comical glasses daily, but they often prove indispensable during wild festivities. These funny glasses fit almost every occasion.

Funny Glasses for Carnival

One of the prime occasions for these amusing glasses is during carnival parties and events. These often involve costumes, but even if they don't, carnivals are an excellent opportunity to don wacky accessories and indulge in more merrymaking than usual.

Hippie-Styled Party

Round glasses of a smaller size, referred to as "Lennon glasses," are named after one of the most famous band members - John Lennon. These glasses, with their colorful lenses, are associated with both Lennon and the hippie era. They are the perfect accessory for a Hippie-themed party, helping attendees resemble the iconic look of the hippies.

Heart-Shaped Glasses for Valentine's Day

For a Valentine's party, funny glasses shaped like hearts are the perfect fit. They emphasize the significance of the event and align seamlessly with the décor, adding even more Valentine's ambiance to the celebration.

Props for Photo Booths

A photo booth at a party always encourages wild fun and craziness. The backdrop choice, poses, and expressions can make the photos unique and genuinely entertaining. However, it's the right props that ensure the creation of memorable, unique, and funny photos that bring smiles every time one looks at them. Amusing, large, and small glasses of various shapes are an excellent suggestion for a photo booth prop, undoubtedly bringing life to every shot!

Ready to add a splash of fun to your next event? Dive into our vast collection of amusing glasses and ensure your guests have an unforgettable time!

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