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Kijki do baniek mydlanych Pętelka, 200 cm
Price 26,90 PLN
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Liquid for soap bubbles, 1 litre
Price 19,90 PLN
New Product
Liquid for soap bubbles, 5 litres
Price 66,90 PLN
New Product
Obręcz do baniek mydlanych Kropelka
Price 26,90 PLN

Blowing soap bubbles is a universally adored activity, cherished not only by children but adults as well. From the little bottles designed for kids to the professional-grade bubble machines seen at public events, our product range has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive yet thrilling outdoor activity for kids, or larger setups for event purposes, our collection of soap bubbles and related products is sure to delight.

Bubbles, Soap Bubbles All Around Us

Small bubble rings can create two or more bubbles at once, forming a cloud of floating spheres that eventually pop when they touch the ground. Similarly, large bubbles offer the same charm, albeit on a grander scale. You'll commonly find these large soap bubbles at public events such as fairs, city celebrations, corporate gatherings, and outdoor birthdays. For these, you'll need a basin filled with bubble liquid and a large ring through which the bubble is formed.

Soap Bubbles for Kids, Adults, and Professionals

Soap bubbles have been captivating children for generations. The joy of blowing and watching bubbles float in the yard never gets old. Outdoor fun can be greatly enhanced with the right liquid and ring that allow for the creation of both big and small bubbles in various shapes. If you're organizing an event that's going to host a bunch of kids, this is the kind of attraction you should opt for. It's inexpensive and brings immense joy.

Don't miss the chance to add a magical touch to your events or everyday fun. Browse our selection of soap bubble products and make your choice today!

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