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Photo Booth Props

"AL CAPONE" Hat, black
Price 14,42 PLN
"COWBOY" Hat, brown, size L
Price 16,82 PLN
"Gangster" Hat, black with white trimming, one size
Price 15,30 PLN
"Silver stars" glasses
Price 9,02 PLN
A red carpet
Price 33,93 PLN
Admiral Edward hat
Price 31,12 PLN
AL CAPONE hat, white
Price 15,08 PLN
Angel wings, brocade
Price 15,00 PLN
Promotion Promotional Product
Antler headband with Nose
Price 6,00 PLN
Antler headband, gold
Price 11,00 PLN
Promotion Promotional Product
Antler headband, silver
Price 11,00 PLN
Arabic scarf for the head of Sheik Abdullah
Price 23,32 PLN
Artificial witch nose
Price 4,62 PLN
Astronaut helmet
Price 25,35 PLN
B&C Paper Glasses Happy Birthday, rose gold, 4 pcs.
Price 5,90 PLN
Baby shower photo booth props Twinkle Twinke, 10 pcs
Price 30,43 PLN
Baby Shower Photo Booth Props, rose gold
Price 31,03 PLN
Banner flags Pirate, 6 m
Price 9,75 PLN
Banner Hawaii Party, size 74x220 cm, polyester
Price 38,92 PLN
Bee glasses
Price 11,70 PLN
Beer Mug Hat
Price 21,45 PLN
Birthday Boy badge, blue
Price 4,90 PLN
Birthday Boy in Space sash, size 10 x 150 cm
Price 8,90 PLN
Birthday Boy sash, sky-blue, size 10 x 150 cm
Price 8,90 PLN
Birthday Girl badge, pink
Price 4,90 PLN
Black gloves
Price 8,97 PLN
Black mask
Price 6,34 PLN
Bob Wig, black, one size
Price 34,52 PLN
Bottle Opener, ring shape, box of 24 pcs
Price 49,90 PLN
Bowler Hat, plain, one size
Price 14,64 PLN
Cabaret Wig, brown
Price 38,87 PLN
Cabaret Wig, orange
Price 38,87 PLN
Cabaret wig, platinum blond
Price 38,87 PLN
Cabaret Wig, turquoise
Price 38,87 PLN
Cap "Police" black
Price 17,55 PLN
New Product
Cap USA Sparkle
Price 49,50 PLN
Promotional Product
Car deco, antler and nose
Price 29,90 PLN
Cat Ears set, black
Price 14,74 PLN
Chef Hat
Price 13,20 PLN
Cigarette Holder
Price 4,60 PLN
Classic handcuffs
Price 7,92 PLN
Coins "Valentines Day", 24 pcs
Price 1,55 PLN
Costume for children "King" (cape, crown, scepter)
Price 34,90 PLN
Costume for children Angel (skirt, wings, headband)
Price 36,00 PLN
Promotional Product
Costume for children Angel with can (wings, halo)
Price 26,60 PLN
Cowboy hat with crown, pink
Price 31,12 PLN

A Snapshot into Memories: The Perfect Accessories for Your Photobooth

If you want your event to be unforgettable, you'll need more than just good music and food—you'll need memories that last. And what better way to capture memories than with photos? Whether it's a carnival, a wedding, or a bachelor's party, you often don't even need a professional photographer. All you need is a camera or a photobooth stocked with fun props and accessories that allow you to take interesting photos in various poses. So let's dive into the world of photobooth accessories that can add a dash of fun and creativity to your event.

Photobooth Accessories - Ladies with Mustaches, Men with Bows, and Pink Glasses...

When it comes to choosing the right photo accessories, the possibilities are endless. Photobooths take and print photos in an instant, allowing you to enjoy the results right away.
During lively events, people often like to let loose, temporarily shedding their daily personas for something more adventurous. Men might don dresses, while women might apply fake mustaches or beards to create not just memorable but also amusing photos. So how do you make this transformation quick and easy? Just stock up on some photobooth accessories!

Among the most popular photo accessories are ready-made prop sets. These include various objects cut from thick paper that can be held on a stick. With these, a woman can easily add a mustache or crown, and a man can don an eye patch and a pirate hat.

You'll also find funny glasses on sticks with various themes, as well as carnival hats and wigs to enliven any participant's outfit. Such props are commonly used not only at costume parties but also at weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, 18th birthdays, and couple's evenings. A photobooth is a great form of entertainment, and it should come with a full set of accessories and props for creating fun-filled, character-rich photos.

Photobooth Party - Who Is That in the Photo?

The beauty of photobooth accessories is that they allow everyone to become someone else, making the resulting photos more interesting, colorful, and full of life. The right set of props not only lets men and women switch roles but also allows for the creation of completely different characters.
Photography add-ons are often simply a fun touch. When such a photo is printed, it brings laughter to everyone around, and once the party is over, it remains a wonderful keepsake that can be revisited whenever you need a mood lift.

At more and more events, you'll not only see photobooths but also a variety of props used by party-goers to create unique, eye-catching photos. Lollipops, microphones, wigs, fake mustaches and beards, lips, glasses, pipes, and hats—all of these make perfect additions to any event featuring a photobooth, a photographer, or even just an amateur camera.

Interesting, Affordable Props for Magazine-Quality Photos

If you're organizing a carnival party, New Year's Eve, a costume ball, a birthday, or a bachelor/bachelorette party, selecting the right photo accessories and props is a must. These are essential elements for such occasions, helping you create photos that will be irrefutable proof that the event was a success.
Don't miss out; stock your photobooth with the best accessories and let the fun memories roll!

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