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Black mask
Price 6,34 PLN
Eva mask Scream, hooded
Price 10,12 PLN
New Product
Eye mask Mermaid
Price 38,91 PLN
Fancy Mask, green
Price 6,90 PLN
Felt mask Hippo
Price 6,90 PLN
Game of Colours mask - Circle
Price 16,50 PLN
Game of Colours mask - Square
Price 16,50 PLN
Game of Colours mask - Triangle
Price 16,50 PLN
Lace mask Blue cat
Price 9,90 PLN
Lace mask Gold Magic
Price 6,70 PLN
Lace mask Mystique, black
Price 19,50 PLN
Lace mask Mystique, white
Price 19,50 PLN
Lace mask Rainbow butterfly
Price 6,70 PLN
Lace mask Silver Magic
Price 6,70 PLN
Long-nosed Monkey mask
Price 14,90 PLN
New Product
Paper mask "Ahoj", size 26.4x20 cm, 3 pcs
Price 1,84 PLN
Paper mask "Andrzej Duda"
Price 14,90 PLN
Paper mask "Antoni Macierewicz"
Price 14,90 PLN
Paper mask "Donald Tusk"
Price 14,90 PLN
Paper mask "Father Director"
Price 14,90 PLN
Paper mask "Jaroslaw Kaczynski"
Price 14,90 PLN
Paper mask Tiger
Price 14,90 PLN
Paper masks "Indian Party", size 26.4 x 20 cm, 3 pcs
Price 1,74 PLN
Paper masks "Sweet Pineapple", 6 pcs.
Price 2,19 PLN
Paper masks Batman, 8 pcs
Price 12,85 PLN
Paper masks LOL Glitterati, 6 pcs
Price 15,90 PLN
Paper masks, gold, 4pcs.
Price 2,95 PLN
Paper masks, silver, 4 pcs.
Price 2,95 PLN
Promotion Recommended Product
Protest Mask
Price 6,56 PLN
Salvador mask
Price 8,30 PLN

Dive into the mysterious allure of Venetian masks, an ancient tradition that elevates the concept of disguise and equality. In our product category, you'll discover an array of colorful masks and accessories perfect for photo booths, selfies, and themed parties. Turn heads and capture enigmatic images that you and your guests will treasure forever.

Behind the Venetian Mask

The history of Venetian masks dates back to the 13th century! In Venice, masks have long been worn for their vibrant, rich, and meticulously crafted designs. Used to maintain an air of mystery and to ensure that everyone is equal, Venetian masks take center stage during the city's Carnival, where both locals and tourists embrace the tradition.

Masks for Photo Booths and Selfies

Masks are exceedingly popular in photo booths! Vibrant and colorful, they are perfect for photographs. For a moment, those who don the mask become mysterious; their faces take on the mask's expression, revealing only their eyes. Then, just as quickly, they can switch to a multicolored hat or other accessories. The possibilities are endless—cotillions, feather boas, hats, masks, or props; which do you prefer? Perhaps it's time to snap some selfies in this unique style?

Party Photos with Masks

Photos can be taken either through a photo booth or standard cameras. What matters most are the accessories that allow for colorful disguises. To provide a unique attraction at your home party, all you need to do is select a few masks, hats, and glasses. Your friends will be amazed at your creativity, and you'll have fun photos to frame and display at home!
Step into a world of mystery and elegance—shop our collection of masks and accessories now!

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