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Holographic streamer black - 4 m/ 1 piece
Price 5,00 PLN
Holographic Streamer Gold, 4 m / 1 piece
Price 5,00 PLN
Holographic streamer gold-black - 4 m/ 1 piece
Price 6,00 PLN
Holographic streamer pink - 4 m/ 1 piece
Price 5,00 PLN
Holographic streamer pink-gold - 4 m/ 1 piece
Price 5,00 PLN
Holographic streamer red - 4 m/ 1 piece
Price 5,00 PLN
Holographic Streamer Silver, 4 m / 1 piece
Price 5,00 PLN
Holographic streamer turquoise - 4 m/ 1 piece
Price 5,00 PLN
Paper streamer Dots and Stripes, rainbow, 18p/4m, 1 pc.
Price 2,49 PLN
Paper streamers Multicolour Stripes, 18p/4m, 24 pcs.
Price 39,90 PLN
Rainbow serpentine 18p/4m
Price 2,49 PLN
Serpentine holographic "violet" / 24 pcs
Price 99,90 PLN
Streamer "Blue-green dots and stripes", 18p/4m
Price 2,90 PLN

Streamers are incredibly popular at New Year's Eve parties and other lively events. These festive items are typically made from foil or paper, but you can also find holographic and spray versions. Streamers are colorful decorations that brighten up any wedding hall or carnival party. When hung on walls, pillars, or tied between chairs and tables, they create an exciting visual element strongly associated with fun and the celebration of important events. It's no wonder that streamers are a go-to choice for event organizers.

A Rainbow of Options: Get Dizzy with Streamer Colors

One of the major advantages of streamers is their vast range of colors. These products perhaps add the most charm to any décor. If you're hosting a lively, cheerful event filled with different shades and intriguing colors, you should definitely consider decorating with streamers.

For vibrant, carnival-like events, go for streamers in bold, vivid colors: red, black, purple, blue, green. For more formal, official events – consider gold, silver, or white streamers. For women-focused gatherings: opt for pastel, pink, or cream streamers.

It's hard to say when these types of decorations became trendy, but they are increasingly popular year after year. Especially professional event organizers prefer this type of décor. They know from experience that well-placed streamers make a strong impression and are met with appreciation from event participants.

Colorful interiors always make a good impression, and streamers are the best way to achieve a pleasant and upbeat ambiance. Investing in a variety of streamers is advisable, particularly if you aim to create a truly unique atmosphere and hope to engage your guests all night long.

Foil Streamers for Your Event

Foil streamers are used by both seasoned interior decorators and individuals who want to take care of their own event décor. They are ideal for New Year's Eve parties, carnival balls, bachelorette and bachelor parties, birthdays, and even weddings. Opt for foil streamers when you seek a wide color variety and seek affordable yet durable decorations that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

These foil streamers resemble regular ribbons. Made from high-quality foil that effectively reflects light, they are available in many, usually vivid, colors, making them a perfect decoration for any event hall.

Holographic Streamers for Room Decoration

Holographic streamers are gorgeous ribbons that shimmer with the brilliance of many colors. Choosing these decorations sets you on the path of elegance and tasteful sophistication that instantly captures the attention of all fun lovers. Holographic streamers are frequently chosen for grand carnival events, including New Year's Eve, as they look exquisite indoors, adding style and finesse regardless of the other décor.

The shiny holographic streamers reflect beautifully in lantern light, providing an effective glow. This decoration has a certain sensuality and will be the perfect addition to any venue geared towards demanding guests. Grand evenings and gatherings of important people may be the perfect occasion to use such elements.

Just unroll a streamer along the ceiling, between pillars, or on the wall to add extra charm to the place. They can also wind around tables, nestled among plates, platters, and vases. Available in many colors, they are sure to match the character of the venue and the occasion.

Paper Streamers for Birthdays

Paper streamers are cheap but highly functional. These long, colorful paper ribbons have become a staple in the party accessory repertoire. They are used by both professional event organizers and at small family gatherings. Paper streamers can be easily hung from the ceiling, offering a vibrant and joyous accent that transforms any room.

Another option is simply to throw them in the air, allowing them to unfurl as they descend. More experienced users can blow through a streamer to make it unfurl on its own.

They are extremely popular among those who organize regular events like children's birthdays. They offer excellent decoration and are highly appreciated. Paper streamers are favored for their low cost, high quality, and great final effect. They are truly the go-to decoration for any cheerful event.

Spray Streamers

You may wonder how spray streamers work, yet these products are in high demand among event organizers, especially for children's parties. Kids love these decorations, created by pressing a spray dispenser that releases colorful adornments.

Consider spray streamers as an option for those who want to skip the hassle of hanging other decorations or traditional foil or paper streamers. They leave plenty of room for creativity and result in a truly original and interesting look for any event hall. These are perfect for kids' costume parties, carnival events, or bachelor parties. They offer not only a unique décor but also fun entertainment, especially when sprayed at the guest of honor.

Take your event to the next level with our diverse range of streamers. Order now!

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