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Grill Accessories

"50 skewers" set - 200*2.5mm
Price 0,66 PLN
Set "50 skewers" - 250 * 2.5mm
Price 0,76 PLN
Skewers - 150*2.5mm / 200 pieces
Price 2,81 PLN
Skewers - 200*2,5mm / 200 pieces
Price 2,97 PLN
Skewers - 250*2,5mm / 200 pcs.
Price 3,47 PLN
Skewers- 200*2,5 mm / 200 pcs
Price 2,48 PLN
Skewers- 250*2,5 mm / 200 pcs
Price 2,97 PLN
Toothpick, 6.5 cm/ 300 pcs box
Price 1,30 PLN
Toothpicks 140 pcs (nice packaging) / 12 op.
Price 11,88 PLN
Toothpicks packed separately (foiled) / 1000 pcs.
Price 6,90 PLN
Toothpicks, 140 pcs. x 12 plastic boxes
Price 8,22 PLN
Wooden Toothpicks 2 x 65mm (Godan) /1000 pieces
Price 4,40 PLN

Whether it's a social gathering, a school event, or a team-building exercise, grilling outdoors is a favorite pastime for many. As the weather warms and the sun shines high, people gear up with provisions and grilling accessories, heading to their backyards or plots to enjoy good food and company. This category description delves into the essentials that make a barbecue successful, focusing particularly on skewers for shish kebabs and toothpicks, which are indispensable for both the main course and appetizers.

As soon as the weather turns nice and the sun starts shining, people arm themselves with provisions and grilling accessories, and head to their yards or gardens to enjoy delicious food in good company.

However, a successful barbecue is not just about the people; the atmosphere is also built by how well the event is organized, or more specifically, what we prepare for it. Popular grilled dishes include Polish sausages, pork neck, and shish kebabs. To serve these properly, you'll need grilling accessories, such as trays, paper plates, utensils, and of course, skewers for shish kebabs and toothpicks.

Grilling with Flavor and Creativity - Skewers for Shish Kebabs

Seasoning a sausage or marinating a pork neck is straightforward, but what about shish kebabs? Culinary enthusiasts have a wide range of possibilities, as skewers can accommodate almost anything—poultry, pork, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and various other meats and vegetables. The key is to skewer each element securely and then season it appropriately. Shish kebabs are one of the most popular dishes that disappear from plates incredibly quickly.

So, it's worth buying at least one set of skewers for shish kebabs before the barbecue. If you're planning a larger event, you might even need several sets. Don't forget about toothpicks, either, as a good barbecue isn't just about what's on the grill; it's also about the appetizers that can be conveniently served using these small wooden tools.

A Tasty Appetizer is Important - Toothpicks

When the shish kebabs and delicious meats are still on the grill and your guests are already hungry, it's a good idea to serve some tasty appetizers. Cheese cubes, herring with garnishes, or special treats made from ham and bacon will surely please all the attendees. A box of toothpicks should suffice for presenting each dish elegantly on the table.

Toothpicks also offer a way to create small grilled dishes, providing ample opportunities for those who like to experiment with food and are eager to try innovative, bite-sized snacks. They are often used to hold together meat rolls or to pierce sausages.

Poles love to grill, but a well-organized barbecue requires proper preparation. To ensure a good atmosphere, delicious food is a must, and for that, grilling accessories are essential. Toothpicks and skewers for shish kebabs are indispensable elements of any barbecue, as they allow you to create delectable dishes that will delight the taste buds of every guest.

Both skewers for shish kebabs and toothpicks are useful not only during the barbecue but also for everyday home use. Whether you're preparing something special for a family dinner or just experimenting in the kitchen, it's good to have a set of skewers and a box of toothpicks on hand—you never know when they might come in handy.

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