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Western: Cowboy and Sheriff

"COWBOY" Hat, brown, size L
Price 16,82 PLN
Cowboy bandana
Price 6,77 PLN
Cowboy beard
Price 21,45 PLN
Cowboy hat with crown, pink
Price 31,12 PLN
Cowboy hat with Star, black, size S
Price 12,90 PLN
Cowboy hat with star, brown, size S
Price 12,90 PLN
Cowboy Hat, pink
Price 29,25 PLN
Price 15,84 PLN
Hat Django brown
Price 49,50 PLN
Hat Django red
Price 49,50 PLN
hat Django, pink
Price 49,50 PLN
New Product
Hat Nebraska (suede look)
Price 46,13 PLN
New Product
Hat Rodeo star
Price 31,12 PLN
Hat Rodeo, gold
Price 38,91 PLN
hat Rodeo, silver
Price 38,91 PLN
Hat Wichita, black
Price 29,25 PLN
New Product
Hat Wyoming brown (leather look)
Price 52,73 PLN
Kapelusz Girls, biały
Price 35,10 PLN
Kapelusz kowbojski Django, czarny
Price 49,50 PLN
Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt "Sheriff", size L
Price 39,90 PLN
Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt "Sheriff", size M
Price 39,90 PLN
New Product
Paper cups American Party, 250 ml, 10 pcs
Price 14,20 PLN
New Product
Paper napkins American Party, 33 x 33 cm, 20 pcs
Price 12,87 PLN
New Product
Paper plates American Party, 23 cm, 10 pcs
Price 15,52 PLN
New Product
Pc. Hat Rodeo white
Price 23,32 PLN
Premium Helium balloons Spiny Cactus, 13" / 5 pcs
Price 5,55 PLN
Sheriff double holster
Price 27,30 PLN
Sheriff Star
Price 9,46 PLN
White Hat Django
Price 49,50 PLN
Wichita headwear, white
Price 29,25 PLN

Products for Cowboys and Sheriffs

Unleash your Wild West spirit with our cowboy and sheriff-themed products! The Wild West is a vast genre, popularized through western movies that showcased the American cowboys and law-keeping sheriffs. This theme appeals to both children and adults who fantasize about stepping into the boots of these legendary characters. Whether you're throwing a party or just want to don the hat and badge, our range of cowboy and sheriff products offers a variety of choices to help you embody these iconic roles.

Invitations for a Genuine Western Party

The first step to hosting a Western-themed party is sending out the invitations. To set the mood right from the start, your invites should reflect the western style. A creative idea is to design them like "Wanted" posters, perfectly aligning with the party's theme.

What Makes a True Cowboy and Cowgirl Stand Out

No Western-style party would be complete without cowboys and cowgirls. To get into character, opt for a complete outfit or create your own look with essential accessories such as:
  • Cowboy hat
  • Sheriff's badge
  • Cowboy necktie
  • Toy guns to attach to your belt
With these items, anyone can easily recognize you as a genuine cowboy or sheriff. Similarly, a few accessories can also help you assemble a sheriff's outfit effortlessly.

Decorations for a Cowboy-Themed Party

Setting the right ambiance is crucial, and for that, you'll need the proper decorations. Wall decorations shaped like guns and horseshoes or garlands featuring western motifs will add the perfect touch to your event. Their presence will elevate the atmosphere and emphasize the central theme.

Party Supplies in Cowboy Style

To maintain the optimal cowboy ambiance, themed table accessories are a must. Disposable tableware not only adds to the aesthetic but is also a practical choice. The following items will come in handy:
  • Paper plates
  • Paper and plastic cups
  • Snack bowls in various shapes
  • Decorative straws for drinks
  • Paper napkins
Your guests will undoubtedly be impressed by the level of detail you've put into your themed party.

Ready to saddle up for an unforgettable Wild West adventure? Browse our range and make your party a legend of the West!

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