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King, Queen and Princess Party

Promotional Product
"Royal Party" confetti cannon / 30 cm
Price 4,33 PLN
Promotional Product
"Royal Party" garland with inscription "Sto Lat", 160 cm
Price 2,29 PLN
Promotional Product
"Royal Party" horns, 6 pcs
Price 1,52 PLN
New Product
Adult costume Dancing Queen , s. M/L
Price 197,95 PLN
Adult costume Rock queen, s. (M)
Price 105,55 PLN
Adult Crown Medieval King
Price 31,12 PLN
Adult Metal tiara Elizabeth
Price 59,33 PLN
Balloons My Pink World- Pink, 12"/ 5 pcs
Price 3,95 PLN
Balloons Premium My Pink World - Crown, 12"/ 5pcs
Price 5,50 PLN
Balloons Premium Princess, 12 "/ 5 pcs.
Price 6,25 PLN
Banner Princess Live Your Story, flags
Price 22,20 PLN
Belle Deluxe role-play costume - Princess (licensed), size M (7-8 yrs)
Price 150,15 PLN
Belle Deluxe role-play costume - Princess (licensed), size S (5-6 yrs)
Price 150,15 PLN
Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 110/120
Price 99,90 PLN
Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 120/130
Price 99,90 PLN
'Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 130/140
Price 99,90 PLN
Blue Beauty role-play set (dress, cape), size 92/104
Price 69,90 PLN
Cape Blue Princess (cape with collar), size 110/120
Price 55,90 PLN
Cape Blue Princess (cape with collar), size 120/130
Price 55,90 PLN
Cape for children "Ombre" in stars, one size
Price 22,00 PLN
Castle Pinata, size 25x17x42 cm
Price 47,00 PLN
Child Costume Pink Fairy Age 3-4 Years
Price 101,16 PLN
Costume for children "King" (cape, crown, scepter)
Price 34,90 PLN
Costume royal warrior Xl, size 3X/4X
Price 259,00 PLN
Cowboy hat with crown, pink
Price 31,12 PLN
Crown Amy
Price 5,85 PLN
Crown Estelle
Price 4,60 PLN
Crown, plastic, gold
Price 7,90 PLN
Diadem with rubies
Price 3,95 PLN
Promotional Product
Flag garland "Royal Party", length 360 cm
Price 2,29 PLN
Foil balloon 18" FX - "Princess in flowers" (blue heart)
Price 3,45 PLN
Foil Balloon 24" FX - "Princess"
Price 5,45 PLN

Our online store offers a wide range of party supplies to help you create the ultimate princess party experience for young girls. From intricate decorations like ribbons and garlands to stunning princess costumes and accessories, we've got everything you need to make the party as magical as a royal palace. Discover different themes, colors, and even an option for a royal party more geared towards young kings.

Queen and Princess Costumes, Tiaras, and Crowns

Beautifully decorated tables, tasty treats, and princesses adorned in original costumes, tiaras, and accessories that complete their looks—all of these contribute to a truly elegant setting. Party organizers must ensure that every young princess and queens feels special, and that means the atmosphere of the ball itself is crucial. This calls for impeccable decorations, fantastic music, and a circle of princesses who love fun and dancing. All of these factors ensure a superb time and a great mood at the event, designed especially for little ladies.

King, Queen and Princess Costumes

Being a king, queen or a princess is the dream of many children. This theme often appears in children's fairy tales, making it extremely popular. Almost every young boy wants to feel like a king, even if just for a moment, while most young girls wish to be a princess for a day. This makes the kings and princesses theme one of the best choices for a children's themed party.

Decorations for a Princess Party

A children's party should be colorful. If the party is for girls and the main theme is princesses, shades of pink should undoubtedly dominate. One of our decoration suggestions includes rubber balloons with princess themes and foil balloons of various shapes filled with helium. In addition to balloons, which are an absolute “must-have” for any party, you should also consider garlands, banners, and other decorations that can be hung on walls or ceilings.

Royal-Themed Decorations

An alternative to a princess-themed party is a royal party, more in the style of rulers and kings than beautiful princesses. In this case, you can use similar decorations but in different color schemes, featuring kings instead of princesses.

Party Gadgets

When planning your event, whether it's a princess or a king's theme, don't forget about special party gadgets. These may include:

  • plastic tablecloths,
  • paper plates,
  • disposable cups,
  • snack containers,
  • traditional straws and straws with medallions.

All party gadgets can be themed according to princesses or kings, adding another layer of decoration that enhances the overall party atmosphere.

Fake Crowns, Plastic Tiaras, and Diadems

Of course, a party of kings and princesses wouldn't be complete without accessories. One of the essential gadgets is, undoubtedly, headgear suitable for such personalities as princesses or kings. In addition to crowns and tiaras, you can also opt for other costume elements or even complete outfits!

Explore our range and make your child's dream of a magical party come true!

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