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Mustache and Beard

"Mustache" napkins, 33x33cm / 20 pcs
Price 4,90 PLN
New Product
Beard Hipster
Price 25,35 PLN
Biker moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Captain's Beard
Price 23,32 PLN
Chinese Emperor moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Detective's moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Gangster moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Gringo moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Moustache set, 6 pieces
Price 6,38 PLN
Moustaches 5 neon colours, 5 pcs
Price 6,94 PLN
Pirate mustache and beard set
Price 15,52 PLN
Policeman moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Rider's Beard
Price 27,30 PLN
Set 5 Moustaches Fiesta
Price 6,94 PLN
New Product
Set Rocker (cap, party glasses, necklace, bracelet and moustache)
Price 82,50 PLN
Viking Beard
Price 35,10 PLN
Wig Gary with moustache
Price 46,13 PLN
New Product
Wig Rufus with beard
Price 52,73 PLN
Wig Tobias with bandana, moustache and beard
Price 65,94 PLN

Want to add some flair to your next party? Look no further than a mustache-themed gathering. This category description outlines the various mustache and beard-related accessories you can get to make your party a memorable hit. From fake mustaches and beards to mustache-inspired party favors and photo props, we've got you covered. So go ahead and plan your mustache bash, because facial hair has never been more fun!

Accessories and Props for a Mustache Party

A mustache party is an excellent option for some fabulous fun. All you need are some fake mustaches or beards available in various styles, the right decorations, and guests who enjoy good entertainment. Fake mustaches are commonly seen at carnivals and costume parties but are also popular for bachelor parties. A fake mustache or beard is a simple costume accessory that, when combined with eye-catching attire, can create an extraordinary look.

A Party for Mustached and Bearded Individuals

Mustaches have become a fashionable motif used in designs and everyday items for a few years now. Not only as a design element, but natural mustaches have also gained popularity, often seen on actors and singers. Hosting a mustache-themed party offers a unique twist. Mustaches can appear not only in decorations but also as a part of the guests' costumes or makeup.

Party Favors with a Mustache Motif

The mustache pattern can be featured in items that inevitably show up at any party and often prove indispensable. For instance, your party table should include items like drinking straws and paper napkins adorned with mustache designs.

Fake Mustaches and Beards for Every Guest

When mustaches are the central theme of the party, the best way to highlight this is by having your guests, regardless of gender, attach a fake mustache above their lips. If the party is an all-girl affair, they can go further by donning other masculine attributes, such as white shirts, bow ties, or hats.

Props for Photos

Mustaches also make for excellent photo props. Paper mustaches on a stick, placed against the face, are a humorous addition to any keepsake photo. They are particularly effective in a photo booth setting.

Character Makeup with Mustaches

Mustaches can be a subtle addition or part of a larger character makeup. Whether you're emulating famous pirates like Jack Sparrow or other characters like magicians, barons, musketeers, or even Vikings, mustaches can enhance your disguise. A fake beard can often add the perfect finishing touch.

Mustaches that Shake Up Any Party!

Sometimes a symbol of masculinity, sometimes a fashion faux pas—like fashion, opinions change. But who cares about fashion? If you want a mustache, grow one! Or simply put one on. From gangster to pirate to hippie to gentleman—or even the iconic "Krzysiu" mustache—the choice is yours. Dress up and hit the dance floor to become the king of any mustache party… or any other party! ;)

Will a Fake Beard Add Charm? Naturally!

Most mustaches appreciate the company of a beard. American scientists have even found that beards make mustaches more appealing. We agree! However, maintaining a beard can be more cumbersome than a mustache. That's why we recommend fake beards, easily fastened behind the ears with an elastic band. Just pick your style: goatee, lumberjack, Viking, wizard, or pirate—or why not have them all? With a variety of beards for different occasions, you'll satisfy every whim and fantasy!

Ready to bring your mustache-themed party to life? Browse through our assortment and find the perfect accessories for an unforgettable celebration!

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