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Ahoy Pirate paper plates, 23 cm, 8 pcs (plastic-free)
Price 13,13 PLN
Balloon A50 pastel 5"- turquoise-green/ 100 pcs
Price 13,55 PLN
Balloon G110 pastel 12, black, 100 pieces
Price 37,17 PLN
Balloon G120 pastel 13" - black 14 / 50 pcs.
Price 22,09 PLN
Balloon G90 pastel 10, black, 100 pieces
Price 22,55 PLN
Balloon Premium Skull, black, 12 inches/ 5 pcs.
Price 5,45 PLN
Balloons 11" QL Under the sea, assorted / 25 pcs
Price 52,00 PLN
Banner flags Pirate, 6 m
Price 9,75 PLN
Banner Pirates Map, size 180 x 15 cm
Price 17,90 PLN
New Product
Carpet pink, 450x60 cm
Price 27,30 PLN
Child Costume Peppa Pig Dress Pirate, Age 3-4 Years
Price 144,08 PLN
New Product
Child Costume Peppa Pig George Pirate, Age 3-4 Years
Price 133,97 PLN
Promotional Product
Dolphin Hat
Price 10,95 PLN
Felt mask Pirate, 22x13 cm
Price 5,60 PLN
New Product Promotion
Flag garland, Blue, (30x20 cm), 10 m
Price 9,28 PLN
Foil Balloon 18" FX - "Pirate Happy Birthday" (round shape)
Price 3,45 PLN
Foil balloon 22" QL Bubble "GLOBE"
Price 22,96 PLN
Foil balloon Fish, 47x44 cm
Price 6,95 PLN
Foil balloon Pirates Map, 18"
Price 13,19 PLN
Foil balloon Sea Horse, 47x73 cm
Price 9,95 PLN
Foil balloon Star, light blue, 19"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon, heart, blue, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon, heart, light blue, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon, round, blue, 18"
Price 2,00 PLN
Foil balloon, round, light blue, 18"
Price 2,00 PLN
Garland Pirate Skull, flags, 6 m
Price 11,70 PLN
Garland Pirate Skulls, flags, 6 m
Price 13,65 PLN
nflatable pirate sword (70 cm)
Price 11,70 PLN
Paper cups "Midnight Blue", 240 ml/ 6 pcs
Price 6,45 PLN
Paper cups "Pirates Classic" 210 ml, 10 pcs.
Price 14,20 PLN
New Product
Paper Cups Pirates, 250 ml, 10 pcs
Price 16,15 PLN
Paper hats "Ahoj", 6 pcs
Price 2,92 PLN
New Product
Paper mask "Ahoj", size 26.4x20 cm, 3 pcs
Price 1,84 PLN
Paper napkins "Pirates Classic" 33x33 cm, 20 pcs.
Price 12,87 PLN
Paper napkins "Pirates" 33x33cm, 20 pcs.
Price 15,52 PLN
Paper plates "Pirates" 23 cm, 10 pcs.
Price 17,55 PLN
Paper plates "Pirates" Classic 23 cm, 10 pcs.
Price 15,52 PLN
Paper plates Midnight Blue, 18 cm, 6 pcs
Price 5,90 PLN
Pick set Pirate Skull flag, 7 cm, 24 pcs.
Price 5,38 PLN
Pirate hat, gold trim, size S
Price 12,89 PLN
Pirate Jack hat (with hair)
Price 39,53 PLN
Pirate mustache and beard set
Price 15,52 PLN
Pirate Set (sword, eye patch, glasses)
Price 9,90 PLN

Set sail for an unforgettable pirate-themed party with our extensive range of costumes, decorations, and party accessories. Perfect for kids who dream of adventure on the high seas or adults looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate, our pirate party collection has something for everyone. Get ready to hoist the anchor and embark on a swashbuckling journey!

Pirate Party

Ahoy, all ye pirates and seafaring marauders! Come aboard for the pirate party of a lifetime. Show off your creativity in decorating the venue and crafting an authentic atmosphere. What's a pirate gathering without some essential elements?

Party Accessories for a Pirate Soiree

A pirate party is incomplete without pirates! Dress the part with a pirate or pirate wench costume, complete with essential accessories like a cutlass, hook, eye patch, hat, or bandana. Choose individual items or go for an all-inclusive set. After all, a pirate party is the best party!

Pirate and Nautical Decorations - Balloons and Costumes

Pirates are known for their love of rum. Serve your guests some rum or other spirits, preferably in plastic cups to avoid breakage. And don't forget the decorations. Nautical themes are essential for any gathering, and for a pirate party, it's crucial to get the ambiance just right. Whether you're on an actual ship or just in your backyard, look for decorations that bring to mind ships and the sea. Our party accessories include various intriguing decorations that can turn even a home garden into a pirate ship.

Pirate Wench Costume

Is your child's carnival ball coming up, or do you want to host a fun dress-up party at home? A pirate wench costume is just the thing for lovers of nautical adventures. Ahoy, Captain! When do we set sail?

Pirate Costume

Looking for a timeless, carnival-worthy costume idea? Go for a pirate outfit! These fearless warriors of the seas have fired up the imagination of kids and adults for ages. Your pirate costume will be the talk and envy of any costume ball you attend. Whether you choose to be a young and daring deckhand or a cunning Captain Hook, you'll make a lasting impression and have endless fun. Hoist the anchor! Ahoy, adventure!

The Call of the Sea, the Allure of Adventure

No party is complete without music, and where there's music, there should also be dancers. A pirate-themed gathering is a perfect platform for those who excel in throwing killer parties to show off their talents.

Dress-Up Pirate Party

Landlubbers ahoy! Ready for some pirate fun? GodanParty sails in with fantastic costumes, decorations, balloons, and plates. Whether your little ones are fans of pirate fairy tales or just love ships and water, we invite you to an excellent adventure!

Nautical Costumes for Kids and Adults

A maritime-themed party is perfect for both young and old. Opt for a complete costume to surprise your friends. We offer a wide range of sizes, so everyone will find something to their liking. Don't forget a variety of accessories like pirate eye patches, perfect for little sailors, or mermaid outfits for your little princess. With plenty of pirate-themed balloons, we guarantee a fantastic time for all!

Nautical Themed Wedding

The pirate theme isn't just for kids; more and more couples are exploring new themes for their weddings. Pirate hats, weapons, and sashes make for perfect props scattered around the venue or a pirate corner where guests can take memorable photos. We also offer photo props that will work wonders at your wedding. Rest assured, your guests will have a blast at this uniquely themed celebration!

Pirates of the Caribbean Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

If you're seeking the perfect idea for a bachelorette or bachelor party, why not go wild with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme? Buy hanging nautical decorations, banners, directional signs, and nautical-patterned garlands. Add some colorful snacks and drinks to the mix, and you've got yourself a smashing party!

Maritime Fun for Kids: Pirates and Corsairs Onboard!

Planning a birthday party in nautical style? We have all the essentials—plates, cups, straws, and more to pull off a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed extravaganza for your child. Decorative springs and masks will help transport everyone to a watery world of pirates. Don't forget the pirate party invitations; let your child surprise their friends with a swashbuckling invite!

Ready to embark on a maritime adventure that promises to be as thrilling as it is memorable? Look no further! Browse our extensive range of pirate-themed party supplies and unleash the pirate in you! Anchor's aweigh!

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