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Police and Thief

New Product
Accessory set Bloody (party glasses, bow tie and suspenders)
Price 38,87 PLN
Adult Sparkle Police cap
Price 46,15 PLN
Balloons D11 Emerg. Vehicles PA Mix2 1C4S, 6 pcs
Price 11,30 PLN
Black mask
Price 6,34 PLN
Cap "Police" black
Price 17,55 PLN
Cap Police Rock
Price 49,50 PLN
Child cap 'Special police', (adjustable)
Price 25,43 PLN
Classic handcuffs
Price 7,92 PLN
Costume for adults "Policeman", size 52
Price 68,88 PLN
Costume for adults "Policeman", size 56
Price 59,50 PLN
Foil balloon "Police" Round 18"
Price 5,90 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX Police Car, packed
Price 9,50 PLN
Foil balloon 24" SHP Police Car
Price 14,18 PLN
Hat Prisoner
Price 9,75 PLN
Inflatable SWAT gun (55 cm)
Price 17,55 PLN
Machine gun Mafia (artificial), 49 cm
Price 29,25 PLN
Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt "Sheriff", size L
Price 39,90 PLN
Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt "Sheriff", size M
Price 39,90 PLN
Paper cups Police, 6 pcs
Price 7,00 PLN
Paper garland Police, 300 cm
Price 7,90 PLN
Paper plates Police, 18 cm, 6 pcs
Price 5,90 PLN
Paper plates Police, 23 cm, 6 pcs
Price 6,90 PLN
Pimp necklace
Price 25,35 PLN
Pinata Police car (56 x 23 x 18 cm)
Price 65,93 PLN
Police balloons, 12"/ 5 pcs
Price 4,90 PLN
New Product
Police hat, black
Price 31,12 PLN
Recommended Product
Policeman hat with epaulettes
Price 26,40 PLN
Policeman hat with epaulettes, size S
Price 26,40 PLN
Policeman moustache
Price 7,72 PLN
Policeman Set (pistols, nightstick, handcuffs)
Price 15,90 PLN
Robber role-play set (shirt L/XL, hat, eye mask, bag)
Price 75,90 PLN
New Product
Set Rocker (cap, party glasses, necklace, bracelet and moustache)
Price 82,50 PLN

Cop Costumes, Robber Costumes

When it comes to a "Cops and Robbers" themed party, costumes are a must-have. You'll likely encounter many law enforcers and scallywags who, for just this one day, will be partying together. Apart from the basic outfits, accessories can add a finishing touch. For instance, a police costume could benefit from a whistle or handcuffs, while a robber’s outfit might look more authentic with a headband or a ball and chain.

A Party Where Cops and Gangsters Coexist

The theme of cops and robbers is not only popular among children but also a big hit at adult parties. Boys and girls alike find fun in solving crime puzzles and capturing villains. The concept often attracts the youngest ones while offering excellent costume inspiration for adults, be it men or sometimes even women.

Decorations Straight from the Crime World

To set the right ambiance, decorations can make all the difference. Standard party decor is a given, but adding some unique pieces can accentuate the theme further. Consider including:

  • Blue balloons printed with badges,
  • Round foil balloons with police motifs, filled with helium,
  • Foil balloons shaped like police helicopters, also helium-filled,
  • Photo props on sticks with police-related themes.

Essential Table Accessories for the Party

For parties with multiple guests, disposable tableware is the most practical solution. Be sure to stock up to ensure you have enough of everything for everyone. Items to include on your party table should be:

  • Paper plates,
  • Disposable cups,
  • Paper napkins,
  • Straws.

All of these items can be designed with police themes to keep the party atmosphere alive.

Costume Add-Ons and Gadgets for Cops

No "Cops and Robbers" themed party would be complete without costumes. Not only are they essential, but they also need to be enhanced with themed gadgets. For a believable cop costume, consider adding items like a toy gun, white gloves, a badge, a cap, a nightstick, and handcuffs. For those dressing as robbers, ski masks and special money bags are must-haves.

Make your "Cops and Robbers" themed party unforgettable by investing in these essentials!

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