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Priest and Nun

Angel wings, brocade
Price 15,00 PLN
New Product
Carpet blue, 450x60 cm
Price 38,87 PLN
New Product
Carpet white, 450x60 cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Cloud Pinata, size 44x29x9 cm
Price 45,00 PLN
Costume for adult Monk, size M/L
Price 79,14 PLN
Costume for adult priest, size M/L
Price 72,49 PLN
Costume for children Angel (skirt, wings, headband)
Price 36,00 PLN
Promotional Product
Costume for children Angel with can (wings, halo)
Price 26,60 PLN
Cross on the neck
Price 7,48 PLN
Detachable Devil Fork
Price 10,56 PLN
New Product
Devil fork, 112 cm
Price 15,52 PLN
Devil headband with red horns
Price 4,59 PLN
Devil`s tail black
Price 8,58 PLN
Headwear Mother Superior
Price 25,35 PLN
Hood Nun
Price 21,45 PLN
Paper napkins, white, 23 cm, square, 14 pcs
Price 10,02 PLN
paper plates, white, 18 cm, square, 16 pcs
Price 7,60 PLN
Priest cross necklace, 24 cm
Price 9,28 PLN
Promotion Promotional Product
Priest role-play set for adult (robe, belt), size 52
Price 94,90 PLN
Priest role-play set for adult (robe, belt), size 56
Price 94,90 PLN
Satin Devil set
Price 16,94 PLN
Wig Balding Monk
Price 38,92 PLN

Angels and demons are characters that frequently appear at various parties. Organizing a Heaven vs. Hell party is a popular choice, especially during the carnival season. These parties primarily cater to adults but can also be appropriate for older children.

Angel Costumes, Devil Costumes

At a Heaven vs. Hell party, you should expect to see plenty of heavenly beings as well as a significant number of devils, creating a stark contrast that becomes evident during the festivities. For such an occasion, specially selected costumes and decorations are essential. Angel outfits typically feature angelic wings and halos, while devils have horns and devilish tails. In addition to costumes, glowing lanterns, colorful garlands, drink accessories, balloons, and table decorations can enhance the party atmosphere. The event will surely be a success as long as the venue is well decorated, and guests participate by choosing original outfits.

Nun and Priest Costumes

If you are looking for an original costume, consider dressing up as a nun or a priest. These costumes are intriguing because nuns and priests usually live within monastic walls, so seeing them at a party will spark surprise. Reactions may vary; some will smile, while others may find it controversial. It's the perfect outfit if you want to stand out and attract attention. Complete the look with a biretta (the famous priest's cap), a wooden necklace, or a cross pendant. You'll undoubtedly make a lasting impression.

Devil and She-Devil Costumes

You can also opt for a devil-themed party, an interesting divergence and contrast to often-chosen angelic decorations. We offer professional devil costumes for both adult women and young girls. You can also choose from various interesting accessories like tridents, devil horns, masks, or devil tails. Red and black balloons, colorful garlands, and accessories for devilish drinks will also add flair to the event. It's guaranteed to be a memorable party!

Angel Costumes: Angel Wings and Halo

Angel wings and a halo are just some of the accessories that a model angel should possess. Our range includes complete, professional costumes as well as individual items that allow you to create a unique outfit. Angel wings in different sizes set the perfect heavenly ambiance, complemented by white table and room decorations. Blue and white color themes work well for an angelic setting. You can also find blue, eco-friendly paper straws that fit perfectly with the angelic atmosphere.

Heaven and Hell Themed Party

If you've ever wondered how to throw an unforgettable themed party, here's your answer! Angels and demons offer contrasting characters, allowing for wild costumes and interesting contrasts. While these combinations are most common during carnival, there's no rule against organizing such a themed event at any time, for both children and adults. The fun is guaranteed, and costumes will add to the excitement.

Nun Costume for Carnival

Come on, admit it – who hasn't fantasized about dressing up as a nun? That's what we thought. Whether you're curious about wearing a nun's habit or simply looking for an extraordinary costume, imagine the guests' faces when they see a dancer in a nun's outfit! A nun costume also makes a great addition to a horror party, given its appearance in many iconic horror movies. The outfit usually consists of a robe and a cornet – the head covering specific to nuns.

Priest Costume

Heading to a costume party? Looking for a unique carnival outfit? A priest's costume is an excellent choice for the daring! Perhaps your wife or girlfriend already has a nun costume? In that case, don the priest's robes and form an unforgettable party duo. Your friends will be amazed, that's for sure!

Ready to make your next party unforgettable? Shop now for your perfect costume and accessories!

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