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Sailors and the Sea Party

Admiral Edward hat
Price 31,12 PLN
Balloon A50 pastel 5"- turquoise-green/ 100 pcs
Price 13,55 PLN
Balloons 11" QL Under the sea, assorted / 25 pcs
Price 52,00 PLN
New Product
Cap Navy blue/white
Price 13,65 PLN
Captain's Beard
Price 23,32 PLN
New Product
Carpet blue, 450x60 cm
Price 38,87 PLN
New Product
Carpet pink, 450x60 cm
Price 27,30 PLN
Promotional Product
Dolphin Hat
Price 10,95 PLN
New Product Promotion
Flag garland, Blue, (30x20 cm), 10 m
Price 9,28 PLN
Foil balloon 22" QL Bubble "GLOBE"
Price 22,96 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX - Happy Octopus
Price 5,45 PLN
Foil balloon 24" FX - Narwhal
Price 5,95 PLN
Foil Balloon 24" FX - Smiling Fish
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil Balloon 24" FX - Sweet Dolphin, blue
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil Balloon 24" FX - Sweet Dolphin, pink
Price 6,45 PLN
Foil balloon Dolphin, rainbow colour, 93 cm
Price 9,95 PLN
Foil balloon Fish, 47x44 cm
Price 6,95 PLN
Foil balloon Sea Horse, 47x73 cm
Price 9,95 PLN
Foil balloon Star, light blue, 19"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon, heart, blue, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon, heart, light blue, 18"
Price 3,95 PLN
Foil balloon, round, blue, 18"
Price 2,00 PLN
Foil balloon, round, light blue, 18"
Price 2,00 PLN
Foil table cover, caribbean blue, 137x274cm
Price 6,77 PLN
Glasses "Captain"
Price 13,26 PLN
New Product
Hairband Shark
Price 23,32 PLN
Octopus paper decoration, size 14 x 14 x 22 cm
Price 8,90 PLN
Paper drinking straws, light blue stripes, 6x197mm / 24 pcs
Price 2,90 PLN
New Product
Paper plates , navy , 23 cm, 16 szt.
Price 10,36 PLN
Paper plates, dark blue, 18 cm, square, 16 pcs.
Price 7,60 PLN
New Product
Party glasses Sealife
Price 15,52 PLN
Plastic table cloth Ocean waves, 1,37 x 2,74 m
Price 11,27 PLN
Royal Golden Pirate Hat
Price 27,30 PLN
Sailor Hat
Price 30,42 PLN
Sea garland, flags, 6 m
Price 9,75 PLN
Shark paper decoration, size 14 x 14 x 21 cm
Price 8,90 PLN
New Product
Tiara Mermaid stars
Price 25,35 PLN
New Product
Trident Neptune, 138 cm
Price 38,92 PLN
Underwater World hanging decoration, 6 pcs
Price 12,90 PLN
Whale paper decoration, size 18 x 14 x 20 cm
Price 8,90 PLN
Wig Tobias with bandana, moustache and beard
Price 65,94 PLN

Nautical Party: Sail Away to an Unforgettable Experience

Unleash your inner sailor or pirate and embark on a high-seas adventure without ever leaving dry land! Our themed party supplies and decorations transport you to the world of daring captains, courageous sailors, and treasure-seeking pirates. With the nautical theme's vast appeal to both kids and adults, we offer the perfect setting for a party that's as relaxed or as wild as you want it to be.

Marine Decorations

In a nautical-themed party, the colors that should dominate are white, blue, and red. These can be reflected in guest attire, as well as various types of gadgets and room decorations. Essential nautical decorations like anchors, ships, and pirate flags are a must. Specifically, we recommend decorative fishing nets, paper garlands, confetti, and blue balloons to give your party that maritime atmosphere.

Don't forget about table settings either. Paper plates, plastic cups, paper napkins, and plastic cutlery with marine motifs will highlight the theme effectively.

Sailor and Captain Attire

No maritime-themed party is complete without the sailors and pirates themselves! To dress up for these roles, you can easily get some of our characteristic party accessories, such as:

  • Sailor hats with badges
  • Captain's glasses
  • Captain's hat
  • Deck mate's hat
  • Pirate hat
  • Nautical headband

Or you can opt for complete costumes like sailor outfits for both men and women. If you're looking for something more original, choose a hat featuring a dolphin or a shark!

So, all that's left is to assemble your crew and set sail for a remarkable journey. Your guests will undoubtedly be impressed by such a well-prepared themed event. Ahoy, full speed ahead to new adventures!

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